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Rain and Allergies

It's raining away outside. (yuck)

And my allergies are KILLING me.

I know a lot of people have seasonal allergies, generally suffering in the spring. Mine are always bad -- REALLY BAD -- in the fall.

As I mentioned HERE, I've been using Nasalcrom spray. I need to get back in the habit of spraying a couple of times (minimum) each day until I get it under control.

Meanwhile I'm also using BLUE (the pills we get from Wal-mart) and Vicks Sinex spray when I'm seriously stuffed up -- which I am tonight.

Henry (Tudor Cat) is keeping me company here in the office. (Sleeping on the chair he considers his.) I never mentioned that he'd gotten a bit matted at one point this summer and I recently worked out all the mats (not easy with his fur). He now looks quite lovely -- and his fur is very silky! I'm going to try and keep him that way. He's not nuts about the process, but he'll put up with it if I'm really careful...

Tags: 2009, allergies, henry-tudor-cat, october-2009, rain, weather

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