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Several Days of M.I.A. (sigh)

It's now officially August 30 (12:30 a.m.)...

I'm tired. Not dying or anything, but tired.

Both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been working out again (she far more than I) and I'm still adjusting. (For those who like working out, you'll know what I mean. The first few weeks hitting it hard again -- after a lay-off -- are murder. Ugh!)

Oh, actually I enjoy this kind of sore and tired, really. (grin) I feel accomplished and love it when I'm working out and getting strong again...

We went over to our sister Sue's to watch the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics with her. They were pretty boring, frankly. And we stayed for three hours.

But we feel so bad for her right now that we're trying to spend time with her whenever possible. She has to go to work in Lincoln City tomorrow through Thursday. It's hard on her after all these years of retirement (and with her many health-related issues)...

Have I mentioned that Marilyn and I are currently in love with "King Arthur" (the 2004 movie)? No? Surprise! ROFL.

Considering how I've slammed it, that should be a surprise for some. (grin)

But once I got past the whole 'true story' crap thing, I was fine. Seeing it the second time was excellent. I hope we can see it again this week...

Unfortunately, "Troy" is no longer playing here! (Damn.) We'd love to see that again, too. There's one more theater that might still get it in second run, so we've got our fingers crossed.

No, I haven't even read my friends here at LJ. Nor have I checked the communities I moderate! Bad.

But Marilyn and I have been working a little on our (many) Yahoo! groups lists. And I did some drabbles!

She's written another chapter on her fabulous LOTR fic series "Boromirs Elves" (she's now on part 7, by the way!). I love that series. (And the banner we did as a joint effort.)

I wrote a "King Arthur" drabble (based on the movie), with banner, called "His Knight." (Lancelot's POV.) It turned out okay, I think. (Boy, doing much in 100 words is tough to do!)

I have a second one I've written (with banner), too, but I haven't uploaded it to our website as yet...

But I did an Alexander the Great drabble (with banner), too! I'm basing my 'vision' of Alexander on Colin Farrell (and the upcoming film "Alexander"), but I certainly think of him as slashy as hell. LOL. The drabble, "Golden Conqueror," was done partly for our new Alexander list, actually.

We've decided to send out 'sample drabbles' (fics, etc.) that include a banner when people sub our various lists. New concept. (grin) Marilyn was all over that idea, so I just decided we could add HTML documents for that purpose.

It is one of the Yahoo! groups features I like, by the way. Automatic messages that you can put in Files that will go out without needing to manually post them. Wish they had a similar feature here for communities! Seriously.

I also posted my one-of-one "Troy" fic "Royal Captive" to two new lists I joined. (And actually got some excellent feedback at one of these, too. Very nice!) I still really need to make a banner for that fic. (sigh)

In fact, my goal is still to make banners for all our fic. (Right.) Well, anyway, even though that's not very realistic, I do want to try with the newer fics!

We're getting a lot of visits to our website, now. I'd say I'm surprised, but I don't know what to say, really. It's nice, anyway!

I'm really behind here. What's annoying is how many times I start entries and never finish them. Meaning I never end up posting them! Damn it.

Well, it's now almost 1 a.m., so I'm off to bed. More soon (hopefully!!!).

(Hugs to all my friends. Sorry I've been 'ignoring' you. Actually, you've been in my thoughts, even though I haven't been 'here' to tell you!)

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