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An Autumn Day -- Errands and Whatnot

It's been a very typical autumn day. Colder (it was 68° in the house this morning), cloudy but with sunshine that suddenly brought a lot of rain! The full gamut, in other words.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has remained true to her cause of cleaning things out every week here at home. Today she went through a TON of old financial papers and got two very full boxes ready to take for shredding (I helped).

Then she did the bills and we discussed some plans for dealing with $$$ (like everybody else we never seem to have enough of it). We took the bills downtown to the main post office to buy stamps and mail them. Then we had to head over to the office.

It turns out that Donn actually DID come by the office yesterday -- but Hailey didn't mention it to me. (It was while I was out to lunch.) She had him put the computer and box he had for me in the conference room (huh??????????), rather than at my cube or in the IT Room. This would be okay if I normally went in the conference room (I rarely do) -- or if she'd TOLD ME he'd been by. She could have simply emailed me or stuck a note on my desk. Marilyn wasn't thrilled we had to make a special trip, but what else could we do?

So why did it matter? Because Donn decided to kill two birds with one stone and leave a box of things for June for me to return to her. I suppose it sounds like it makes sense, even though I haven't had time to get over to see her recently.

Neither Marilyn nor I ended up having our office keys (!!!), but thankfully Kristen was there to let us in. This after being stopped by a train on the way (and having the gear in the car lock up tight at one point). I guess you could say we had a few annoyances today. (smile)

I phoned June when I got home, but nobody was there. So I've no clue when I'll finally get the box to her. I didn't want to just leave it outside where anybody could get to it, as it contains personal items and CD software/drivers that go to her computer...

Update! June phoned and Jim came by for her box -- so she should have it by now. (smile)

Marilyn and I spent time listening to songs so we could select the music for our PowerPoint (for the Auction appeal). We found the song we want and downloaded it from Amazon. We've already got some elements set aside and ready, so we're beginning the work on that important job.

We played a game of our fave ever HOG (hidden object game) "Escape Rosecliff Island" after eating leftovers for dinner. We both got our best-ever scores! This one has legs (like Zuma) and can be played over and over and over again. We love it! (We each have it on our desktops and just play it sitting side by side. Very fun!)

I ache all over today -- and so does Marilyn! We've no idea why, though. I suppose it might be the change in the weather and all the lifting and carrying we've been doing. Or sitting for so many hours in front of a computer concentrating really hard. Hell, stress can make you sit so stiff that you end up sore, so that's possible, too. It's been really stressful lately, with all the work...

And neither one of us got much sleep last night. A nap sounds good to me! Autumn weather just makes me want to curl up and snooze.

Jim admitted to me that they turned on their furnace yesterday for the first time this season. It was so cold in here last night that Marilyn and I were sitting at our computer wrapped in blankets -- but I was still insisting we now use the furnace yet. I might reconsider that, though! I keep talking to people who are using their furnaces and it sounds better and better to me.

Well, I either should work on the PowerPoint or go empty a box from work (I've got those two I mentioned yesterday). I did finally find my briefly 'missing' keys in my laptop briefcase. We left work in a hurry last night, so I must have tossed them in there then. Thank God I found them, I was worried about where they were!

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