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Busy Day at the Festival Office -- Both IT and Website Work!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had a 7:30 a.m. meeting this morning, so we were out of the house at around 7:00. And it was another VERY busy (and long) day. I can't complain, though, because we were actually home by 6:30! (Marilyn hasn't been home that early all week long...) (Yeah, and I get that this was an 11 hour day...)

I finished coding the Court pages today (woo hoo), one of which was a complicated code. (Kristen had it very organized this year -- much better than in 2008.) We had been aiming at having it up by October 1, so that's only one day late (and I'm proud, considering how busy I've been). I also did several other pages that needed work, so that felt good!

I was happy to help Carol with an IT-related issue this morning (involving Outlook 2003) that had her near tears. I had Ron there, and got him working on some IT projects that need to be done. (I was hoping he'd get that damn computer we bought during the festival reformatted and set up, but it didn't get finished today. Hopefully that will happen early next week, though. We're dumping Vista Home for Windows XP Pro, thanks to Donn.) Speaking of Donn, the check I was supposed to get to give to him today got mailed by accident, so there was no incentive for him to drive all the way to the office to bring me the computer I bought from him (and my hard drive that he has). I think at this point we'll wait until after the Auction to worry about it, as I don't really have time to mess with it, anyway.

I did more packing up in the afternoon (another two banker boxes full), when I finally had to quit coding for a headache. I can only go so many hours looking at code before it does me in -- and especially when I have to stare really hard.

Marilyn and I went to lunch with Sue B. and friend Ron C. at the Hawaiian place near the office. We don't go out to lunch very often, so this was nice.

It was a cool day. Marilyn and I walked back from the restaurant and it started to rain! (And we hadn't worn jackets.) My leftover food leaked from the container all over one of my fave pair of pants (the brown ones), so I'm bummed. I don't know if the stain will come out or not.

Well, I suppose I should go to bed. We have a TON to get done this weekend!

We need to seriously tackle the PowerPoint for our Auction appeal. We need to go shopping for what we'll be wearing to the Auction. We also need to have manicures and tan. (I need to get color and color my hair!) Then I have website to do and Marilyn needs to write the Auction script. So we'll be swamped all weekend long...

I doubt I'll have time to do any more reading for several days!

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