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Finished Another Book: "A Heart for Any Fate"

I just finished reading "A Heart for Any Fate," by Linda Crew. (The novel won several awards, which is no surprise to me.)

This was a delightful read about the King family (based on the actual King family who traveled here) coming across the Oregon Trail. (You can read more about it by following the link above.)

Back in April of this year, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I attended the re-launch party of this book in Oregon City, Oregon at Barclay House. Marilyn bought me a copy of the book which Linda signed.

Barclay House sign - Oregon City, Oregon

Linda Crew - Oregon City, Oregon

I finally started reading the book a couple days ago, but basically read it cover-to-cover today.

For anyone keeping track, that's my third book finished this past week. And I finished reading "The Piano Tuner" sometime around September 19, so that's four in the past two weeks.

I'm also in the middle of a three books about Purvis/Dillinger, one of the Twilight novels and several others that don't come to mind just now. I'm in the mood to READ, needless to say! I think that period right after I started the diabetes medicine and literally COULDN'T READ made me hungry to be reading again. So I'm making up for those lost three weeks, I guess...

Anyway, lately I can barely put down a book! Okay, I guess considering all the work I've been doing that's kept me from reading proves this untrue (smile), but I've been back to reading during much of my free time -- that's for sure!
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