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Work. I Was at the Festival Office Today.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had an 8:00 a.m. meeting, so I had to rush to shower and wash my hair this morning. We there in plenty of time, though.

I worked on the eNewsletter (which really should have gone out last week) and ended up making a bunch of changes (surprise). Seriously, I swear that in 2009 I've never done a 'simple' eNewsletter that didn't require change upon change. I guess I should be used to that by now! (smile) Anyway, pressing like mad to get what I needed from everyone who must 'approve' the work, I went to send it out and discovered I was 'locked out' of the account! I tried to phone Oliver (who had told me he was going to fix this problem last week), and finally just phoned the company and got it resolved. (Oliver did phone back right away, but I was on a major deadline to have it out before 4:00 p.m.)

Originally and I'd expected to get it out in the morning, but the changes kept that from happening.

The cool thing this time around? I ALWAYS validate my HTML code for the eNewsletters, but this time I also validated the CSS! I'm really proud that we have eNewsletters that validate. I did get a parse error at first with the CSS, but it was something really stupid -- and easy to fix.

At 11:30 I went over to Dorine's shop and got my hair cut. She rushed it when I told her I was really busy at work, so it only took half an hour! Good deal. It was great to see her, as she's such a nice woman.

I loaned Paul "The Lost Symbol" to read today, but couldn't manage to finish his book to give it back to him! I tried to read at lunch, but I couldn't concentrate, knowing how much work there was to do.

I fixed Rich's IT issue. It was a weird one and I had to take his photo CD and break in and copy the images off for him -- then burn that to another CD. Anyway, it only took time, but was an easy mental battle.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I did take a quick lunch break (drove out and ran an errand) around noon and I did eat (while sitting at my desk).

I started to plan the move for the stuff in the IT Room, but have TONS of work to do in there, I'm afraid. Still, it was good to get a start.

I also tackled my own cube, packing up a couple of large bags and three big boxes. That only puts a small dent in what needs packing, but it felt good to get going on it.

After work we went next door for a drink to celebrate the SALE of our building, which was finally official today! Jeff got the signed paperwork around 5:00 p.m. after a stressful weekend. We've been progressing as if it was a done deal out of necessity, but it's wonderful to know it's happened at long last. And timing is everything! If we'd sold last year, we wouldn't be going to our special new home in downtown Portland.

My allergies are kicking my butt. Autumn is my bad allergy time and the dust from today didn't help one bit. But I keep on spraying and hanging in there. I did okay last year, so hopefully I'll do the same this year.

We had soup and toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner. It's been raining today and COLD! I had to use my 'at work' jacket today (I forgot one this morning), because it was so chilly and yucky. (ugh) The weather has really changed!

I need to get to the garbage and recycling soon. But first I'm going to catch a short nap. I'm BEAT. (I still need to bring in the boxes from the car. I guess I'll unpack them tomorrow...)

There will be much more about the move in future entries. I'm personally responsible for packing up three different areas -- as well as for doing any of the IT-related stuff. So I'll need to get into the office frequently to do that.

I need to really work on the website now, along with my IT work. There's LOADS to do. It's a busy time, but it's exciting to be looking forward to new and interesting challenges with the move and the new (smaller) space. I've been around the festival for many, many moves before, so no big deal, really. And it's much easier to move at the first of the year than in the spring (closer to our events). So it's all good.

Nap time!

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