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New Contacts! Yesterday's Eye Appointment

I had my eye appointment yesterday, which was long, long overdue. I'd been hoping to go back in July, but because my diabetic medicine causes a bunch of sight-related issues, it's a good thing I waited!

As always (smile), my lovely sister Marilyn mistressmarilyn took me to my appointment. She spent part of the time reading in the car, while I was being examined. The doctor I've been seeing for years is at another office now, but I liked the new doctor fine.

What I did end up doing that was a change is getting Sofmed Breathables in place of the contacts I've been wearing for ages. They're so comfortable and keep my poor dry eyes so wet that I actually see better wearing them -- and that's a good thing!

Sofmed Breathables Contacts

Here's what I found out about the contacts: Sofmed Breathables are weekly disposable contact lenses manufactured by Cooper Vision. Sofmed Breathables are different from other high oxygen lenses because they feature a new lens material which is very soft and flexible compared to many silicone hydrogel lenses. In addition, by featuring Aquaform technology this lense does not contain any wetting agents or have surface treatments to make it wettable - the lense is naturally wettable.

It drives Marilyn nuts when I've been coding for hours and I start to squint like crazy. Hopefully this will solve that issue.

Anyway, it was certainly time for me to get in there! The last appointment I had was in January 2008! It's a wonder I made my existing contacts last this long...
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