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Randy at Qwest is AWESOME!

I've now spoken to three different Qwest support personnel. The first, Maureen, totally screwed us up. All I needed from her was some data, but she RESET our Account password (!!!), which meant our modem would no longer 'talk' to Qwest -- so we were blocked from access. (sigh) The second person, Arianne, was no help at all -- except to confirm that she could ping me, even though I couldn't access her. In other words, she told me what Maureen should have told me -- that the (stupid) password change meant we were offline. But the third guy, Randy??? He rocked my world! It took the two of us working together in Hyper Terminal around 45 minutes to fix things, but it worked and we're back online -- after a very frustrating weekend (that included Monday). I will so be making sure Qwest hears about how he helped me. And, off course, all of these people are using American names, as Qwest outsources to India. It doesn't bother me, to tell you the truth, except that we have a little trouble understanding one another. But Randy and I got arount that problem just fine.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were pretty annoyed to be offline, which Marilyn says is almost as bad as not having electricity. Plus I had WORK I needed to do this weekend that required a connection -- so (obviously) it didn't happen. (sigh) So now I'll be playing catch up, which is stressful. But right now I'm so happy to be back on that I just can't give a damn, in all honesty.

We're still slated to get our new modem (that's currently supported by Qwest) this week (maybe tomorrow). And I've been assured it's MUCH EASIER to set up than the (dinosaur) Cisco 678 that we have now. (We originally had a Cisco 675, that later became this one. But we never saw a need to change, as long as the modem was still working okay...)

It's past midnight and probably time to go to bed. The more than 160 mile trek to The Dalles to get my missing vest was tiring -- and I feel for Marilyn that she had to do this in heavy traffic and with heavy winds (the Columbia River Gorge is often very windy). We had some rain coming back and had to rush outside to bring in our cushions before they got wet.

I did go to the eye doctor today, but I'll post about that separately, I think...

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