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Finished Reading "The Lost Symbol" Yesterday.

I'm happy to report that I finished reading Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" yesterday. (Now I'm loaning it to Paul. Then Marilyn mistressmarilyn wants to read it and after her Sue suzy_qp...)

I really enjoyed it and loved the end! Because it's set in Washington D.C. -- which I adore -- I found it really fascinating.

It did drag just a little at one point (right before the end), but that's no big deal. The end totally made up for it!

I think the book is uplifting, by the way -- so if you've been feeling depressed, this is a marvelous read that will make you feel better.

And, as always, I'm on to the next book!

Tags: 2009, books, dan-brown, marilyn, reading, september-2009, sister-sue

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