CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

My First "King Arthur" Slash Fic...

Yes. I've started it! Hurray!

But I'm still doing more research.

Believe it or not, I've spent hours on research so far. LOL.

What's highly annoying is that the movie picks a given legend to follow, but they don't bother to follow it accurately!

Last night I was adding a part about the round table. According to my research, this is actually a Samartian custom--another valid reason to believe the Samartians were associated with the historical Arthur.

But according to the book "King Arthur" (based on the movie), Arthur surprises his Samartian knights with the table!

I 'compromised' in my fic by making Arthur's version a surprise, but alluding to the Samartian custom. (sigh)

I imagine the whole fic will be like this! Struggling with the facts versus what the movie creators (and the movie-based book) call 'facts.' (How totally ironic that this movie was constantly billed as being the 'true' story...)

I've yet to share my post about the movie "King Arthur," by the way. I've started it, but never finished it. (It's going to be long. Duh. LOL.)

As an amateur 'expert' (is there such a thing?) on Arthurian mythology, I've got strong opinions on the subject...

By the way, say what you will about the movie "Troy," it manages to stay pretty damned close to historical fact!

They might not have Achilles and Patroclus in bed together, but they never imply anywhere that they don't sleep together, either. (As Marilyn and I have said for years, you can read into it whatever you want.) Achilles did appear to sleep with both men and women, so having him interested in a woman does not go against 'canon' (such as it is).

There's a ton of slashy subtext in my opinion in "Troy." But regardless, it's just a better movie than "King Arthur" is. (And this is from someone who LOVES King Arthur legends in almost every form!)

I'm personally surprised by how many people are all over "King Arthur" and yet 'down' on "Troy." But whatever. To each his own, I guess...

Marilyn and I still like "King Arthur" enough to have started up lists dedicated to it. (grin) Along with those we have for LOTR, Troy and Alexander the Great. (I imagine we'll be even more frustrated by the upcoming movie "Alexander," by the way. But hell, at least Colin Farrell is a gorgeous man! Physically he'll do Alexander justice. Another one of Marilyn's and my 'fetish' people, in that we know a ton about him historically-speaking.)

Well, off to do something RL-productive now!

Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately. The health issues and other concerns have keep me hopping...

[EDIT: And we also plan to go see "King Arthur" again tonight, unless something stops us! Can't wait...]


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