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Drive Up the Columbia River Gorge!

I'm writing this from Spooky's in The Dalles, Oregon, which has WiFi, I'm happy to say. I'm sipping a Bud Light as I type. (grin)

Sister Sue suzy_qp, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I left the house around noon-ish to head for a long SUNNY ride. (The sun was a must-do -- which is why we're not down at the beach, by the way...)

We went to the Maryhill Museum -- but not to tour (we are members, though). We went to feed the peacocks! And for the first time ever we saw BABIES!!! I have photos to share, but that will have to wait until I've downloaded them.

I think I'll try picking up my home email (via Qwest) while I'm here. It's so weird to be offline. (yikes)

We've ordered a couple of pizzas -- that should go well with the McDonalds ice cream cones we had earlier. (grin) Soft vanilla in little cones. Marilyn bought one and was eating it and suddenly EVERYBODY was ordering them! (grin)

Well, time to eat!

Tags: 2009, columbia-river-gorge, food, marilyn, maryhill-museum, september-2009, sister-sue, stonehenge

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