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Fic Banner=Joy (grin)

My latest and greatest in the world of making banners for our fic (at our website) include (link to fics which have the banner on top are included before and open in a separate page)...

"First Chosen"

(That's the latest chapter of Marilyn's mistressmarilyn "Boromir's Elves" series--Part six. It's so amazingly sweet. I normally don't like OCs--original characters--in fandom-based fic, but these are amazing. I'm in love with every single elf! LOL.)

I love this banner. Marilyn had a ton of input, telling me which elves she wanted and what other items. And thank the gods ("Troy"-speak) that PSP saves with layers intact, seeing as I had to make numerous changes (and I mean numerous) before getting it 'just right.' ROFL.

I guess this is mostly about what we want to see when we go and read our own fic. LOL. We're all over fic banners. I don't know about other people, but it just makes us both feel happy and warm to stare at the fic banner before reading the fic...

Marilyn also finally finished an old fic from the 80's that features Prince Dirk Blackpool of "Wizards & Warriors" fame. (grin) The show was basically awful (!!!), but had interesting characters! We loved it for what we could do with it away from the ridiculous, over-the-top humor. (smile) And the banner turned out nice, I think!

"Dark Prince"

She's such an amazing writer. This is another really good one-of-one read. (But I think it could have made a nice series, too...)

The banner for

"The Vessel"

turned out nicely, too. (I'm starting to lose track of all these various banners! ROFL.) There's a small bitch to trying to compress JPEGS so they aren't as large, but oh well. Hell, there's only so much space--and the banners are getting bigger and bigger (and bigger)! LOL.

The banner for

"Time to Sail"

also turned out really nice, I think. "Troy" fans (especially those who adore Eudorus) should give it a look. And should definately read the fic. (Marilyn can write rings around most fan authors. Including me, of course! She's just an accomplished writer, period. Though few fan readers will catch it, of course... Doesn't matter. I know good writing when I read it--fan writing or otherwise!)

Marilyn thinks the banner for

"Hidden Hero

is a work of sheer art. (blush) I'm delighted with how it looks, I have to admit. But I haven't worked much on chapter three. (It's only two chapters so far, in other words.)

Well, I did do a banner for one of the two "The Wild, Wild West" (WWW) fics we've got up, too. I had one hell of a time getting a pic of one of the characters, seeing as he was a character actor, not that well known and only appeared a few times on the series! But I made a pic of James West look like an old-time photo on the wall. It turned out rather cute, I think! (smile)

That's it for now. I need to hop my bike and take in my prescriptions to the druggist. (sigh)

More soon. I have so much updating to do here!



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