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Connection Issues? I'm Afraid So.

I won't spend time explaining now (even though I did start a long entry about it earlier today). Let's just say our old Cisco modem is (finally) about to be replaced by a new modem.

But not until TUESDAY, which probably means we'll be without internet until then. (yikes)

It's a long story that I do need to share at some point, though. (sigh)

Right now I'm gacking WiFi from a neighbor, so I won't be on long. (I seriously don't feel good about doing it, so I'm only doing it long enough to post a quick entry.)

Other than that, we did drive down to Sauvie Island and picked green tomatoes! It might be the last time, though, as the vines are going pretty fast now. A sure sign of AUTUMN.

It was so lovely there! Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got hot dogs and ate them at a picnic table while sitting in the sun. Just WONDERFUL.

I'm off to play games offline. I can't really work unless I can FTP, so we'll worry about that tomorrow and Monday. Worse case, we can always go to the office or somewhere with WiFi. It's not that easy for me to do some work with the laptop, but that's okay -- I'm not complaining. I'm so thrilled to have it and be able to use it all the time...

That's it for today! (If I don't comment to you, now you know why...)

Tags: 2009, computer, food, green-tomatoes, marilyn, sauvie-island, september-2009, wifi

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