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WiFi Frustration. (sigh)

Give me a hammer, please! (grin)

Okay, so I'm still tired today and I just spent the past two hours trying to set up our router password. We're positive that we've got neighbors gacking our WiFi, so we thought it would be smart to set the password.

You'd think this would be easy, wouldn't you? Think again. (sigh)

I mean, come ON! I do computer-related things every day of my damn life. I can follow instructions far better than most (much of my computer consultant work has been reading manuals and translating them for clients). So I'd have to say you've got serious problems if I can't reason out how to do something in less than a couple of hours!

I've given up. I was getting more and more cranky (both tired and annoyed), so it just wasn't worth it. I talked to Marilyn mistressmarilyn and we decided we'd live without the password protection, because it just wasn't worth it.

Yesterday Kent came in for several hours. We put a new Backup tape procedure in place and I had a meeting with Hailey and Paul to explain it. It's going to take getting used to, but in the long run it should make more sense and be FAR more secure than in the past. So that was a good thing!

I also took notes on another IT-related thing I need to type up. (And I'll probably do notes on how to check our Backups, too -- even though I doubt I need to now that I understand it much better.)

Aside from meetings yesterday and IT work, I also worked a little bit on the eNewsletter (pushed back to Tuesday) and the website (of course). The work load is just HUGE right now, but that's the way it goes.

At 5:30 p.m. we went to Macadam's Bar & Grill for our goodbye party for Mandy (today is her last day). Carol came up with the idea of making her a Pink Basket -- a basket filled with items that were pink. I lost track of all the items I came up with personally, and then Marilyn and I came up with together. It was great fun and the basket turned out great! Carol also did a large multi-photo frame (we signed the mat) and made a small, pink photo album, too. There were a lot of photos of all of us with Mandy, plus some great festival-related shots of her. (smile)

Marilyn and I each had one drink (only). I made nachos for dinner and we watched some TV, but we were both beat. It was a rough day in a rough week and we were worn out. So I went for a nap and barely read much before drifting off...

...only to be awakened by Henry (Tudor Cat) knocking over my can of pop on EVERYTHING. (sigh) He was so proud, even while I was telling him what a 'bad' cat he was -- because he wanted me awake and paying attention to him. And that's what he got! After that I couldn't get back to sleep for ages, even though I was dying tired.

So I read my BOOK for quite a while! Yes, we picked up Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" the night before last (for under $17). I'm more than halfway through it and find it a great read...

Ron was here this morning (yes, again) -- this time to replace my bad sound card. He couldn't find anything cost effective locally, so he drove all the way to Wilsonville this morning (!!!) to go to Fry's where he could get a better card for less money. He purchased an SIIG SoundWave 5.1 PCI. Here's what I found out about it:
*Transforms your PC into a home theater system with multi-channel surround sound
*Experience the latest in digital 5.1-channel surround sound for the latest DVD's, games, & music
*Customize internet audio with the power and surround sound of EAX audio technologies
* Fully compliant with Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro and DirectSound

All I know is I now appear to have fabulous sound, in spite of my basically cheap speakers. (Marilyn ended up with the fancy-assed speakers I got for a song years back from Donn, with the whole woofer and tweeter thing. He had a client order then not take it, so...) I don't really require anything that special, but I do need working sound for creating entertainment PowerPoints (like we do for our annual Auction). I tested it out FULLY after he installed, and things seem quite good. I've been having issues for ages, so it's a terrific relief!

Ron was heading from here to Peter's to do computer work from him, and hopefully that went okay.

Marilyn's been slammed again at work today, so I'm just hoping she won't be too late. One of her meetings got pushed back to 6:00, so I guess the earliest I can expect her is 7:30-ish.

We'd hoped to go see "Public Enemies" again (maybe tonight with Jessica), but it's no longer playing anywhere within a 50-mile radius. (It was never at the Mt. Hood, which is really odd...) I guess we waited too long.

Well, I should get back to work. I'm going to be doing things this weekend, I'm sure -- and I finally have my eye appointment on Monday. Today is sunny again, but only mid-70's. It's looking good for weekend, partly sunny and just under 80°. But by Monday we're supposed to be under 70° and by Tuesday we're expecting rain and a 61° high! I guess summer is almost gone now... (sigh)

ETA: I had to come in an edit a bunch of this. I had wrong words and bad spelling and whatever. I'm clearly tired -- and it shows.

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