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WTF, LiveJournal? Profile Items: "Sorry the content was temporary disabled"

HUGE ETA: I just found the answer -- and it's an important one! So I'll be changing my icon from 'No way, LJ!' to 'Important' -- and I suggest everyone reads this! (ETA means 'Edited to Add' for anyone who doesn't know...)

There's been a breach here at LiveJournal that you can read about HERE (PLEASE DO!). This is an URGENT situation.

I'm going to check to be sure I'm not infected, and you should, too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed in light of all the recent work I've had done on my computer. (Plus I put a lot entries 'Private' all the time -- notes to myself, etc. So I wouldn't want all of them suddenly set to 'Public'!!!)

You can now IGNORE the rest of this 'annoyed' entry, as I had no clue what was what when I wrote it...


Check your Profile pages, everybody. I don't know WHY, but I'm getting this message repeatedly: Sorry, the content was temporary disabled

For the record, I think the message means to read: Sorry, the content has been temporarily disabled. (This might be a question of English not being the first language of the author, but then again, it might not... grin...)

Here's a screencap image of the message:
LJ Message - Sorry, the content was temporary disabled

I wonder what GIVES with this situation? Did I miss some announcement or news item or something? (I've been rather busy recently, I admit...)

Do I need to say I'm HIGHLY ANNOYED about this? Consider it stated.

Thanks, again, LJ. I might have to COMPLAIN about this (in ways other than this mini-rant, that is)...
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