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Books? I Want Dan Brown.

Yeah, yeah -- I know there are a LOT of 'haters' out there. Especially when it comes to Dan Brown.

But personally I love the man's writing -- and I have all of his books, including "Digital Fortress," "Deception Point," "Angels & Demons" and (of course) "The Da Vinci Code."

And I can't WAIT wait to read "The Lost Symbol"! (I wish I had it right now. I may need to run out and get it in the next few days...)

Look, I'm a pretty picky reader. Just because I read a TON (five to ten books at any given time, not including the computer manuals I'm always reading), doesn't mean I don't like to read DECENT writing. I struggle with the 'Twilight' series (and the 'Harry Potter' series, for that matter) for the exact reason that they aren't all that well written -- and for me it bugs, big time. (Not that those authors need to care, as they can laugh it off all the way to the bank. But I'm just sayin'.)

When I hear people go off on Dan Brown I just have to admit that I don't get it. I think he writes a good book, regardless of what anyone thinks of the content. Who cares if it's REAL or not? I've read horror, SciFi, fantasy, myth-based work and so on my entire life, and nobody cares if that stuff is real. So suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the yarn, why don't you? It's FICTION. (And don't get me started on the anti-Christian crap thrown at the man. Come ON now. I'm a Christian and I'm not bothered...)

I get how personal our choices are when we read, so that's cool. You read what you like and I'll read what I like. But I'm open to trying lots of things (and forcing myself to read a lot of CRAP along the way), and think we all should from time to time. Again, Dan Brown doesn't belong in that category by any stretch of the imagination, no matter who says differently.

So I'll remain excited about the new book -- and happy to buy and read it soon!

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