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Busy Day and Writing Circle.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I slept late (until around 10:30 a.m.) after remaining up all night long. (We didn't go to bed until past 4:30 a.m.) You might be curious as to why we remained awake so late, understandably. (smile) We were playing on our two laptops.

First, I'd wanted to remove a bunch of the TOTAL CRAP that comes with a Dell laptop, which I did. But in doing so, I removed Marilyn's (beloved) Google Gadgets. In the process of restoring them, I discovered this were available for Windows XP, as well as Windows Vista (which is the OS on Marilyn's laptop). So I loaded it on my XP laptop and we both played with them for HOURS. Seriously. (smile)

Today we got up and worked ALL DAY to get ready for our guests (Writing Circle folks) this evening. I'm not kidding. We never ate a bite or stopped going all day long! Marilyn worked on the yard and deck while I worked in the house. We had the damn pollen/yellow dust all OVER the place, poor Marilyn! She swept and raked and washed and cleaned over and over. It really looked great in our yard, I have to say.

I got the house picked up and vacuumed and dusted, so it was nice, too. (And I did a load of dishes.)

We dashed to the store to pick up my medicine and some food (snacks, etc.). Then came home where people were already waiting for us! Soon we were ordering pizza and all visiting. We had the first part of our meeting outside, then moved in when it grew to dark to see.

Though we both also worked on our stories today, neither of us finished. I had more than 3,000 words, so I did read what I had. But hopefully I'll finish it up sometime. And Marilyn's story premise sounds VERY COOL -- so I hope she ends up working on it!

It's now 2:00 a.m. (though I started this entry before midnight). I delayed writing this while we played yet another Hidden Object Game (which we adore).

Now we'll have ice cream and head to bed. We're both due at the festival office for another busy Tuesday. But Kent postponed (again), so he won't be in until Thursday -- which is actually a GOOD thing, so I'm not complaining this time...

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