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Good Day.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I slept in again this morning (bliss), and then I washed my hair and we headed out to tan (we hadn't been in two weeks).

I've been doing stand-up beds, but this time around I decided to lie down and relax. The stand-up bed is much hotter, so happily even though I did the full time I didn't burn.

I'd been discussing the story I plan to do for our Writing Circle (Monday night) with Marilyn, which has a Western theme. (Our topic this time is: Romance.) So I listened to the "Paint Your Wagon" soundtrack on my iPod while I was tanning. (smile)

When I was done Marilyn had spoken (via cell) to sister Sue suzy_qp, who wanted to go with us for our drive up the Gorge -- with her granddaughter Nicole. We were both cool with this, even though it meant back-tracking home to connect. (Where we tan is actually well on the way, but that's okay...)

Neither one of us had eaten, but we planned to go to the Starbucks in Hood River, Oregon and see if we could WiFi from there. I recently found out how we can use our Qwest account to connect, so I was hoping Marilyn would be able to use that. (Even though she has a gold card from Starbucks, she's never been able to connect via her Starbucks account, for whatever reason. Happily, I can do that, so this was a way for both of us to get online.)

By the time we got home, Nicole had decided not to come along, which was okay.

We had a bag of gifts for Nicole, who just had her first period this past week. We think that's a very big deal for a girl, when she becomes a 'woman' -- so we wanted to help make her feel special about it. She's having some issues, which is no big surprise. It's a hard concept for most girls to consider having periods for years and years of their life.

We also had small bags with some gifts for both Sue and Candy (keychains and mints). It's a big deal for both of them, too! (smile)

I would have liked to talk to Nicole, but it's okay. Hopefully Marilyn and I will get that chance another time soon...

The drive was lovely! Today was a total TEN. I love this time of year -- and so does Marilyn. Of course, we're both looking forward to the 90 degree weather this week, too! I want SUMMER to stay as long as it can.

While at Starbucks Marilyn was able to connect. I went to Facebook and logged in as Sue so we could check some things out with her account (accept friends and fill out more of her profile and so on). She's up to 37 friends, which is pretty good considering this is only the second time she's ever visited there. I gave her another short lesson, but she needs to sit with me and try it out more. She doesn't quite 'get it' yet, but that's okay. I was telling her she didn't need to say 'Dear Name-of-Person' -- that it's NOT a letter and they know she's talking to them! (grin) Plus she needs to be brief and keep comments to a couple of sentences. I'm sure she'll get more used to it as she visits it more...

I should talk! It's not like I use Facebook all that much. (And I certainly don't get it the way I do LiveJournal.) But oh well...

We did have our lovely Starbucks. Then we stopped for McDonalds to eat on the way home. (smile) Gotta love Mickey D. Sue was actually able to eat half a cheeseburger, which is one of the foods she hasn't been able to keep down since her gastric bypass surgery! (I think having the french fries helps, frankly... The people we know almost always have fries when out for drinks, to avoid getting sick from the alcohol...)

We went across the bridge at Hood River into Washington State and came home the Washington side. There was a huge line of traffic heading home on the Oregon side, and we didn't want to get in that mess. Both rides are lovely, and we hadn't done that recently, so it was a nice change.

Tonight I played Zuma and got a new high score! (woo hoo) Very fun!

Oh. And for those wondering, we downloaded the trial of Zuma's Revenge and seriously didn't care for it. Because of the way the balls move, it's MURDER on your eyes. So though we'd been looking forward to getting it, we won't be buying it after all... But that's okay, because we continue to LOVE Zuma all these years later. (smile)

Henry is on my lap (again). He's always needy, but this time of year he's moreso! Sweet boy.

I just finishing typing up some of the John Dillinger chronology to share at our "Public Enemies" community. Yesterday Marilyn finished playing the Dillinger HOG (hidden object game) so she could make screencaps from it. They made most of the characters look like the real people, but Melvin Purvis really looked like Christian Bale to both Marilyn and me! (heh) The 'history' of the game was suspect, but it was quite amusing!

The chronology I mentioned is from the hardback book "Dillinger's Wild Ride" (by Elliott J. Gorn) that we bought recently for our PE Library that we've been gathering. We love putting together libraries of books on our various interests for research purposes (as well as the enjoyment of reading them).

Well, naturally I didn't do any housecleaning in advance, so tomorrow I'll be rushing around doing it before our Writing Circle meets in the evening. Oh well. That's fine!

And as I mentioned above, I have a good idea WHAT I want to write -- but haven't yet started the writing. So I'll be doing that tomorrow, too. It's okay. I work well under pressure! (smile)

Maybe I'll go start it now, before we head to bed...

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