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Another Busy Day...

Yeah, I did sleep in until almost noon -- and it was WONDERFUL.

I made eggs, bacon, toast and coffee for a late brunch. The bacon was very crisp (yes!!!), but the eggs were only okay. I used some mango salsa and it made them a bit too sweet tasting. Toast and coffee were good. Not my best cooking ever, but it fed us.

I spent some time over at June's june_bug_w, working on her computer. I was over there THREE different times (probably five or six hours, altogether). When Ron worked on her computer he found that her hard drive was crashing. So he used my 'old' C: drive to fix it. (It has something to do with slaves and so on and is beyond me, but it got her computer running again.) This fix caused a bunch of issues, though, as my C: drive became her new system drive. Meaning Ron and I were both hunting for all of June's original data files and so on...

I did get her bookmarks back up and fixed the Home page on her Firefox. I found and moved her My Documents back to where they needed to be. There are a few documents missing, but most of them are there, thankfully. I couldn't find her stored emails for Outlook Express, but I did find her Address Book and reinstalled it. I got rid of all the stuff that used to be mine -- and was so confusing to June (understandably).

However, I wasn't able to restore their home network, so hopefully Ron can do that. (He restored mine, so I'm not too worried about it.) June's husband Jim seemed pretty upset about the network, I have to say. (I had the feeling he was actually angry with me at a couple of points, and knowing how frustrating it is when you can't use your computer, I understood where he was coming from.)

The bottom line? I am responsible for the people I recommend to others. So I'm responsible for Ron and the work he does. I'm not saying Ron doesn't do good work, because I feel he does. But different people have different expectations. I feel Ron saved June from needing to buy a new computer. And between us we saved most of her data (with only a few exceptions). So that's a good thing.

But I know it's hard to deal with changes on your computer, so I get how both June and Jim feel. Right now their home network is screwed. I've set up tons of these, so I thought I'd be able to troubleshoot it, but hours of my time proved otherwise. That means Jim can't get on the internet -- and as his email is web-based, he's frustrated. (Yeah, he could go on June's computer and check it, but that's not comfortable for either of them, so he won't do it that way.)

In other news, Marilyn and I did go get pedicures today, which we both needed!

I also played around with some icon bases and things, though I only made a couple of actual icons. (I can spend hours just getting things I want for making icons, believe it or not. But I find it good fun, so...)

Marilyn and I recently got a bunch of books we'd ordered. One of my books -- a hardback -- was only $1.50, so that's pretty cool! (smile) We're on a kick to put together a Purvis/Dillinger library (or perhaps I should call it a Public Enemies library), so that's the books we got.

Speaking of books, I finished reading "The Piano Tuner," by Daniel Mason (that I mentioned HERE) -- and I was sad to be done! It's just an amazing read. Beautifully written. Yes, yes, I'm reading a TON of other books, too, but I was so caught up in that book.

I do think reading good writing helps me to write better -- and I even noticed this book helping me with a recent fanfic I wrote. (smile) I highly recommend it to anyone looking something good to read.

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