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TMI? No Doubt. (smile)

It's 2:00 p.m. here (approximately). I've just been on the phone dealing with my health insurance coverage (or lack of same).


Well, I went to the doctor. (He's my brand new doctor and just lovely. Seriously. And a fellow lefty, to boot!) Okay, sue me. I'm very much about whether or not I like my various doctors (nurses, etc.). If I don't like them, it's just not going to work for me.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn took me (sweetheart that she is). I felt bad for her, because the appointment took an hour and a half! Heavens. That's the most thorough breast exam I've ever had, bar none. He found a lump, so I'm having a mammogram on Monday. They expidited this by setting the appointment personally. I guess you could call it an 'emergency mammogram.' (smile)

Actually, it's going to be a thorough mammogram at the Good Samaritan Hospital Breast Center and then an ultrasound, as well. (Generally when a woman gets a mammogram it doesn't include an ultrasound unless it's the second go around and there's been a potential problem detected, for those of you unfamiliar with the process.)

The next step, according to the doctor, is a needle biopsy. Marilyn wonders what they don't just skip to the chase and do that proceedure. Clearly there's a lump there, so...

I wanted to ask the thing about the blood test, but forgot. Here's my thing, anyway. (smile) When you've got cancer they're constantly able to do blood tests to see if you still have it. After you're 'clean,' they can do blood tests to see if there's any sign of cancer. If that's possible, why not just do a blood test to see if someone has cancer? Why not do them annually for everyone, just in case? Hey, maybe these are expensive, but what if they helped determine early on that you've got cancer?

Okay, that was an aside. (grin) I was too wrapped up in everything he did say to remember to ask about that...

Hopefully today is covered by insurance (which it appears to be). Hopefully Monday will be covered, too. They're switching my care to be sure everything after September 1 is back on the policy that my clinic covers, thankfully.

Okay, so here's some real TMI.

My breast hurts like hell now, after the exam!

The doctor asked me about my caffeine intake, which has been high recently, I admit. Caffeine can make breasts more sensitive. Now how can I work that into a fic? An mpreg, maybe? Not a "Troy" mpreg, though... (heh)

I'd segue into talking fic, but I want to call my neighbor right now. More later...

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