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Sleepy... (yawn) And We Just Went to Starbucks!

I'm sleepy. I keep yawning.

And Marilyn mistressmarilyn, Mandy and I just walked down to get Starbucks! So what's my problem?

It's probably just stress. In fact, Marilyn pointed out to me that my elevated count this morning (we DIDN'T eat late at all last night, by the way) is probably due to stress, which I never consider. (I was high first thing. Then I waited an hour after after my medicine -- and without eating -- and was even higher. That so should not be happening...)

To tell the truth, I'm really tired today. I've gotten a lot done, but it's wearing on me...

I'm so glad it's Friday -- and we have a three-day weekend in front of us!

Of course, our Writing Circle meets Monday night -- so I need to clean house to prepare. And I need to write! (I've written fanfic recently, but still haven't started our assignment.)

Today the weather is LOVELY and HOT -- the happy return of SUMMER. (Actually, we get wonderful spells of Indian Summer here.) But it's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I think tomorrow should be the work day. It's supposed to go into the 90's next week, so that will be nice, I think!

Yesterday the Staff celebrated Ron's bday. He and I were RACING to get here in time (before he had to pick up his kids). Marilyn and I got those little mini cupcakes and some orange-y white-y ice cream cups as goodies. The festival gave him a cool hoodie! And Marilyn and I gave him a key chain and baseball hat (Playboy). I also gave him Chinese Exercise Balls (also known as Chinese health balls, Chinese therapy balls, Chinese stress balls, meditation balls, iron balls, or musical balls). If you follow the link, I gave him the sun and moon set. And some Spongebob playing cards. Just a few small things, but we wanted to remember him on his day...

Well, I guess I'll get back to work. I'm trying very hard not to clock-watch. (Which doesn't really matter, anyway, as we rarely ever leave the office at 5:00 or 5:30 -- even this time of year.)

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