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Computer Update and Current Projects

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were up late (surprise) working on a festival-related project. We took the video tape Marilyn made of news coverage back in May and burned it to DVD (a big pain with our machine -- and I screwed up the first version, so we had to do it twice).

Then my plan is to convert this to WMV so it can be embedded into a PowerPoint presentation. Remember me whining about my computer last night? Well, neither my DVD nor CD drives were being found after the work I had done yesterday. It makes it kind of hard to convert a DVD when my machine can't even read it in the first place! Then when I try to do some work between our two home computers I find our network is screwed up. Let's just say it was pretty frustrating.

Making the actual DVD got done, anyway. And now after having Ron here (yet again), I've got working DVD and CD drives -- and the network is restored (well, I need to map it, but at least I can do that myself -- when I have the free time).

So I tried to rip/convert the DVD to WMV with the software I've used in the past and it wouldn't work (!!!), so I'm trying a different product. Hopefully it will work this time around. Next I'll be headed to the office (Marilyn will come for me when her meeting is over) to help Jeff build his PowerPoint (or start it, at least). Actually, Jeff is good with PowerPoint, so he won't need my help beyond this aspect. But I've found that embedding video can be slightly difficult, so I certainly wouldn't want him to have to try it the first time without me. Besides, he needs MY VIDEO for this, anyway! So...

I hope this works, because I'm pretty fed up with the whole thing, frankly. But my job is to help make Jeff look good -- and I always want to do that!

Well, guess what?

It worked.

So I just talked to Marilyn (it's around 11:00 a.m. now) and she'll soon be home to take me and the PowerPoint (with embedded vid) to the office to meet with Jeff. (woo hoo)

For those interested, I used AVC's Any Video Converter (which is freeware) to convert. (Here's the DIRECT LINK to the free version.) It worked great! (And the Pro version is reasonably priced, so I'd consider getting that, too.)

I used DVD Decrypter to rip the video, by the way. So it ended up a two-step process. The one software I had supposedly rips and converts at the same time, but it kept freezing up on me. So considering the limited time I had, I gave up on it and moved on! (smile)

Now I need to try and tackle the IT-related issue I was dealing with for Peter yesterday. It's really got me stumped. He saved an Excel document, but he did something wrong. When you open it, it appears to be empty. But if I open in Word, I can see it! I wonder what gives with that? (Plus Excel doesn't even look right when we try to open it. The top bar disappears and some other odd stuff... sigh...)

There's ALWAYS more IT work to do. Okay, and maybe some of this only loosely fits IT, but things have to go in some category, so... (smile)

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