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Website Work. Auction and Golf Are Done, at Least!

I've been working on the festival website -- which I started before vacation and continued during it. I didn't do that much work the past two weeks, really. But this time of year there are certain updates that need to go into effect, so...

I'm delighted with the way the Golf Tournament webpage turned out. But to be honest, I'm equally happy with the changes made to the Auction page. I made a new header for it, changed to the 2009 logo, put up photos from the 2008 event and swapped out Copy. It looks pretty good now!

Again, I'm 'officially' done with web work as of the end of our (festival) fiscal year. But I'm well aware that they can't possibly replace me by that date, so I'll probably be doing the work into November -- and maybe even into December. There's no way I'm going to leave them in the lurch, after all!

I need to start working on the Band Program portion now. There's a lot to do! And I'll soon need to work on the Court pages (TONS of work) and on applications for all the parade pages. So, as Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I like to jokingly say, "My work is never done." (grin)

Meanwhile, I've got a lot of IT-related work to tackle, which I barely got started on yesterday...

I'm waiting on Ron to get here to work on my poor, old home computer! I rode my bike to the bank this morning to take out cash to pay him. He's bad about cashing checks (which I've seen for myself when he pulled out checks that he never got around to cashing or depositing), so Marilyn and I decided cash was our best route.

I'm a little shaky today and feel slightly crappy. I decided to take a Glipizide last night (I haven't taken one in ages), and I'm having a BAD reaction to it. But I was 98 this morning, which is the best I've been in days. (Running a fever messed up my count and I still seemed high when the fever went away.) I get that it's pulling the count down, but I've felt lousy all morning. And just picking up the house and riding my bike a few blocks about killed me, which is crazy. I wonder if the doctor could give me a lower dose of Glipizide? I need to get back in to see him and discuss it...

Paula from the classes phoned yesterday and left me a message to call. I've now missed two classes in a row and they probably wonder why. I could tell them, but why? There's no nice way to say 'Your class sucks big time.' And I refuse to WASTE my time and allow myself to get depressed by attending a class that's not helping me (and might even be giving me incorrect information). I get that it's rude to ignore them, but I'm a bad liar and just don't want to get into it with anyone over WHY I quit attending. I continue to do research on my own (with Marilyn's EXCELLENT help), so I think I'll be just fine.

On the VERY annoying side, Kent has had to postpone AGAIN. This is extremely annoying and inconvenient for us on this end. Marilyn had planned to talk about getting him in to discuss IT subjects related to our upcoming office changes and move -- but as this will mean he needs to meet with another IT guy, hopefully he won't blow that meeting off as quickly as he does things that involve me and the festival IT!!! I probably should phone him... He needs to get his butt in to our office and FIX whatever is wrong with our Backups. And he needs to do the update to our antivirus software. We're ALL having virus issues, which I seriously don't need right now. I get that we're not an important client, but still...

Well, enough bitching. I should get to work now.

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