CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

LJ Gripes. Yes, Again (sigh)

Okay, so what gives with LJ now?

Yesterday I closed out my browser and was off the computer for virtually hours (most of the day). I'd jumped on early, but hadn't had time to even read my friends' entries...

(Same old, same old, I suppose. LOL.)

But later when I came back and opened a browser to do my quickie update to LJ, I was still logged in!

Trust me, it's never an option I'd select, seeing as I frequently go from computer to computer. It just wouldn't make sense for me.

Plus, I long ago selected the Dystopia browser as my personal default. My love of "Camelot" notwithstanding, I've always hated the XColibur browser here. (Show me the links plainly visible, I say. It's hard enough to navigate here even with those where you can see and find them. LOL.)

But both yesterday--and now today, too--I was in the XColibur browser.

They've been working on LJ recently (for those unaware). They did the Santa cluster, which is where my journal (my personal LJ, anyway) is located...


So now I guess it's another case of fixing what wasn't broken--at least it wasn't from where I stand. LOL.

I suppose it made something work better for the admins. But I'm screwed. (damn)

Well, that's my time for now. I was going to update about other things, but I've now officially run out of time!

Heading to the doctor shortly. I need to go in early and update my paperwork, apparently. (What? They can't keep it from one year to the next? My former clinic had my records going back to when I was a baby...)

I'm not nervous about the breast. Whatever. The doctor can't tell me much about that, anyway.

But it's another new doctor, and I'm hoping I'll like him! (That does make me slightly nervous, I'm afraid.)

Well, I've showered and washed my hair, but need to go get dressed...

Oh! And naturally the garbage collector (or whatever is PC to call him--no offense meant) did not bring my new can with him today. (He asked me not to call about it last week. But man, I was on the phone so fast this morning that heads were spinning. LOL. Hey, I gave him his shot! And the woman chided me for not calling yesterday! The nerve...)

Look, if you'd seen the can fall down into the garbage truck and come out covered with yuck (and I'm talking disgusting yuck here), then you'd be concerned, too. Normally it should be held above so the garbage falls out, you know? Anyway, I've spent a week shuddering every time I went near the now sour-smelling can...

Later (hopefully)!


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