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Busy Work Day.

I was in the festival off today, with TONS to do -- of which I accomplished less than hoped. (sigh)

But Ron came in (woo hoo) and got my work computer fixed (it had viruses!), so I can now use Remote Desktop to access it again. (I've had to remote to another computer because of the mess...)

I worked on two laptops for Jeff. He got one of those really tiny ones as a bonus for buying his new cell phone, so I installed some software and changed some settings and so on.

Ron got Jeff's new cell phone synced to his work computer, so he can get his work email, which is a very good thing.

What else?

Tuesday is Staff Meeting day -- and I remembered to mention that passwords are all being changed again this week (!!!) and that we shouldn't be doing printing on the backs of old copies, no matter how 'green' this is perceived to be! Very hard on printers, because of how paper is changed by the heat of running through the printer once -- it should never be sent through a second time. I've told this to so many people over the years, by the way. Just as I've pushed against anyone using 'bargain' paper to print on, which is also bad for printers. Thankfully both Jeff and Marilyn listen to me, so hopefully that will stop happening in the future.

The IT Manager job is often not a popular one, but what the hell. That's my job! (I'd say that's what I get paid for, but... smile...)

Today was Madhu's bday, so we celebrated it (barely) during Staff Meeting. I want to take her some little gift on Thursday, as I had nothing I could give her with me at work today...

I also installed the PDF creation software on Mandy's computer (missed it first time around), and fixed her problem with being able to open and view .jpg files (a File Type association issue, no big deal).

There's a pile of IT work and another pile of website work, so I should be really busy for the next couple of weeks! That's what happens after vacation, after all.

I'll sure be glad to have Ron around to help me! His birthday is Thursday, so we're going to do a little something to celebrate it. (Everybody signed a card today and we'll have mini-cupcakes... yummy! Plus we have a gift for him, too.)

I almost forgot! The laptop I bought, that Jeff has and Peter also got? (The IBM Lenovo Thinkpad.) Today Paul had me order one for him from Buy.Com. He wasn't in a rush to get it, so the total price (with free shipping) was $299.99! Can you believe he's getting this great laptop for $300? Too true!

As I did for both Jeff and Peter, I told Paul I'd set his computer up, too. It takes several hours, but I don't mind. Paul getting it to replace the Dell laptop (with Windows Vista) that he bought for $800 and hates. If he can sell it for half that on Craig's List or somewhere, then he'll have paid for the new one.

Happily the IBM has Windows XP Pro -- so it's perfect for all of us. And I set them all up to be able to use Remote Desktop with no fuss and muss.

By the way, our building has SOLD, so if the financing comes through okay (there are many visits for inspections happening), then the new owners will officially own it on November 1. They're going to let us remain there until December. At that point we'll be using a place to set up the Server so we can all work from home (as I already do much of the time) using Remote Desktop (which many of us already use constantly).

This Cyber Workplace really suits our Green Initiative (and I can already imagine how we'll use it next year when submitting for Pinnacle Awards). Obviously anything that has to do with IT will impact me as the IT Manager, but I'm very excited to see how this will work out for us...

Speaking of the Pinnacle Awards, the IFEA convention is next week. Jeff leaves Monday and will be gone all week. The AWARDS are announced on Wednesday, and we're all really excited to see how we did this year!

I have a ton more work-related stuff to share, but I'm done in. I started this entry around 8:00 p.m. and it's now almost 11:00. After we got home at 7:00 p.m. (after a day with no break), we watered our outdoor plants and then went grocery shopping. Marilyn mistressmarilyn had her FIRST meal of the day (!!!) when I fixed a late dinner (and though I did eat several times during the day, I was starved by then, too). She's already gone to take a nap, and I'm right behind her...

Tomorrow Ron is coming to work on our home computers (here at the house) -- then next door to work on June's computer, as well. He shouldn't need to spend that many hours here, hopefully -- though he is replacing my duel hard drives with two new (and bigger) ones that I really (really) need! And as he's going to ghost/clone those, I'm not sure about the exact time he'll need. Anyway, hopefully it won't take too long, as I have all that work to do.

I didn't even mention that I need to do another eNewsletter for next week. And we're planning ahead for the next eBulletin...

Aside from work, Marilyn and I are loving playing at our new LiveJournal community, though we didn't have time to do anything there today (as of yet). So it's not all work! (grin)

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