CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Wow. I'm So Far Behind.

It seems like I keep starting entries to post here--but then I never get around to posting them! (sigh)

Life hasn't been 'cooperative' lately...

I want to do some updates regarding our website.

I want to relate what's going on in our lives. (Things with our sister Sue and with Marilyn's mistressmarilyn health and work.)

Oh well.

I have been having a 'pain' in my right breast. It started last week and went away. But came back this week and so I set up a doctor's appointment.

I needed to go in anyway, seeing as it's time for my annual visit (and to get my meds refilled for the year).

But now I want to get my mammogram referal and not screw around with this. (I've had some problems in the past that required additional testing and so on, so...)

And with Sue's best friend dealing with breast cancer, it's close to home here. (Hell, that's one of many friends, but she's just who comes to mind.)

I have large breasts that are hard to check for lumps. I know, I know. TMI. Whatever.

I go to the doctor tomorrow morning, anyway.

Marilyn went to her doctor today. I need to post about that, too!

LOL. Out of control here.

And about how I spent my day today (with only a little time for any online).

We had to go down to the PRFA office tonight. Marilyn is first on the list for alarm calls. It was a kind of creepy experience, really, meeting the policeman there and going in...

Well, more (hopefully!!!) tomorrow. Time for bed.

(cyber hugs to all my friends...)


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