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Icon Maker? That's Me! ("Public Enemies" Icons to Share...)

Guess who is (finally!) back to making icons again??? Yeah, it's about time!

And I wanted to do some "Public Enemies" icons to share at the brand new community that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I just recently created.

Obviously I love having my LJ Friends use my icons, too -- so feel free!

Yeah, I'm 'busy' -- but it's a lot more fun to be busy making and posting icons than other ways I might be busy... (smile)

03.public enemies 0308.public enemies 08
16.public enemies 1620.public enemies 20
These four, plus more, under the cut (20 total)...

"Public Enemies" Icons
public enemies 01public enemies 02
public enemies 03public enemies 04
public enemies 05public enemies 06
public enemies 07public enemies 08
public enemies 09public enemies 10
public enemies 11public enemies 12
public enemies 13public enemies 14
public enemies 15public enemies 16
public enemies 17public enemies 18
public enemies 19public enemies 20
  1. Credit expected and appreciated. (Thanks!)
  2. These aren't 'icon bases' -- but you may add your username (and text within reason). (If asked nicely I've been known to add usernames for people...)
  3. Comments are greatly appreciated, too!

It's great to be spending time actually making ICONS again! After all, that's how I originally learned to use image softwares -- which got me started with all the web graphics (and other work-related images) I now do. (Which is what keeps me from having the free time to make icons! Nasty cycle, isn't it? Yeah, yeah... grin...)
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