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AI Fan(atic)

I'm basically posting to show off my new icon...

Yes, yes, I'm sure it's true that Kelly and Justin are, indeed, just friends! (smile) But I saw the pic, thought of the constant talk (including Ryan's questions last night) and I couldn't resist. So sue me.

Speaking of AI -- didn't you realize we were? -- it was fun last night. Love the extra half hour on 'announcement' night. (Yes. I am obsessed. Sue me again.)

Ryan looked yummy -- but better in his glasses and yellow shirt! (I could just eat him up!)

I'm delighted he's one of those included in the "People" magazine 50 Most Beautiful. (Or whatever they call it.) He is beautiful! Yummy. Can't wait to get that mag!!! (Tomorrow?)

Did others notice that Simon had yet again cut his hair? He really likes to stay on top of it! It looks fantastic, so I'm not complaining.

On that note, allow me to digress. Nik's nk_seashore recent pics of Nick Carter's hair were not a pretty sight...

Added Kim kimothy from thesims to my LJ Friends. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Kim!

I'm having so much fun lurking there, by the way. (Nik -- who else -- talked me into joining...)

Also glad to see Joey's fatjoey AI group more active recently. Even Kit kitrocks has been posting there! By the way, Joey is as big a fan(atic) about AI as Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are! (Bigger?)

Okay, so now I want some Ryan/Simon slash icons! Must make some...

I hate the thought of waiting until Tuesday for AI. I wish they'd have another special on Monday! Hee!

Okay, back to work. I am on deadline here, after all! (And yesterday was not a very successful work day for me...)

Tags: 2003, joey, kit, marilyn, may-2003, ryan-simon, slash

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