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Fever? Yeah.

I feel just a tiny bit punk today. Not really 'sick' (like my icon), but not totally myself, either.

If you're not a friend of my sister Marilyn mistressmarilyn, you still might want to read her current (amusing) entry: Tweet This: We Got U Surrounded

Marilyn has such wit! I love her idea of T-Men (a play on the G-Men of the 1930's).

I haven't been down in bed today -- heaven forbid!!! -- but I did snooze for a bit on the living room sofa. (smile) U.S. Open Tennis was playing in the background, I'd been reading my book ("The Piano Tuner," by Daniel Mason) that I bought on sale through Amazon.Com). Well written and a good read, so far. (It was a book recommendation from Paul, my cube neighbor at work. He's probably finished reading it himself by now...)

We ran to Freddie's before the current match to pick up kitty litter (and several impulse items). And we're supposed to go shopping with sister Sue suzy_qp to Super Wal-Mart around 6:30 p.m. We need to pick up several things, so it's kind of fun when all three of us go there together. (smile)

We skipped joining Mitch for tennis when he phoned. (Marilyn felt tired and I felt under-the-weather, as I mentioned.) But notice that we won't avoid shopping! (grin) Well, we might call it aerobic (and sometimes it seems that way!), but it's probably not going to kill us to go...

We still want to go see "Public Enemies" again (maybe with both Mitch and Jessica pb_n_jam???). And make another beach trip. And maybe (???) go bowling again, too. There's still a lot of vacation time to come, yet!

Life is VERY good. (Fever or no fever.)

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