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Friday Night? Stayed Up ALL Night Long! (smile)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I treated ourselves to a new hog (hidden object game) last night -- "Marooned."

On a distant tropical island (the FIRST chapter of a new trilogy) Macy finds herself lost, alone and stricken with amnesia. Who is she? How did she get there? What secret does the island hide? And how will she ever get home?

"Marooned" hog
Click the image above to
download the game

It was interesting that the main character is FEMALE! At first she doesn't know who she is (including her name), but as you go through the game you discover more and more about Macy.

We stayed up all night and finished the game, which was great fun! Aside from the usual finding of hidden objects, we had to reason out the various aspects of the mystery -- an interesting twist. Well worth the cost.

That's the first time we've stayed up all night during this vacation, actually. But the weather changed (it started to rain yesterday) and we had no real plans for today (Saturday), aside from watching tennis on TV. So, what the hell...

I also worked on (another) new page for the festival website today. Jeff and Tim had both emailed me about setting up a Golf Tournament page. Tim wanted me to simply add the tournament to the left-hand navigation and link a flyer/poster that would link to the PDF registration form, but I decided to put up a normal page that's like the rest of the site.

On the way home from dinner last night I was telling Marilyn I had an idea of what I wanted for the header banner for the page -- and today I created it. It turned out EXACTLY as I'd seen it in my head! Cool, huh? Here's a 'mini' version for those interested in seeing it...

golf tournament - mini version of header

We'd talked about adding a golf page last year and rejected it, as it was an event open to the public last year. But as that's changed this year, it makes sense to have it there. I still need to add an 'Event Info' page (that has all the embedded things I put in to help people find given events). I also made an animated slideshow of photos from last year to include.

I think it turned out really nice! I hope Jeff and Tim like it. I haven't got it Live yet, as I'll have them review for content first. I wrote Copy that wasn't really provided for me, and I'm not sure I have the details down...

I suspect that should be the last new page I'll ever create for the website, as I'm slated to give up my role as webmaster at the end of this fiscal year (which is October 31). I've certainly enjoyed the work and learned a TON. But it's also been far more work than I ever expected, so it will be a real relief not to face another year doing it.

I'm already anticipating all the ways I can use the free time I'll have when I no longer do this job. I'd love to work on websites that Marilyn and I own, be more active again here at LiveJournal, spend time on the neglected Story Blog the festival started back in 2007 and on and on. I have a huge list of ideas -- and these are only a few of them!

In other news, I still have a bunch of photos to share here -- so I need to get to that soon!
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