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Wildlife Safari!

I'll have photos and stories to share tomorrow about our WONDERFUL trip to Wildlife Safari today!

We managed to get home by just past 8:00 p.m., but we're both tired out tonight. It was HOT and we had the windows in the car down the entire time -- except when doing the Elephant Car Wash. (smile)

It was a GREAT day! I can't believe how many times we got to get 'up close and personal' with the animals! Loads of fun...

Again, we have that FREE (no strings attached) Southwest Airlines Ticket to give away. If you're interested, check THIS ENTRY, please!

Still enjoying U.S. Open tennis, by the way. Sister Sue suzy_qp phoned us several times today to give us updates!

And my counts were good today -- 111 and 114 (the second is surprising, considering what we ate -- more about that tomorrow).

As an aside, today would have been Dorothy's birthday. Dorothy is the mother of my friend June june_bug_w -- and was a dear person and very friendly to me before her death. Anyway, it's lovely to remember her on her bday.

Time for a nap! We'll probably get up and watch some TV after that before actually going to bed for the night.

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