CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Diabetes Class (Yesterday).

Class was fine. Not what I expected, though. (I'd asked Marilyn mistressmarilyn on the way over if she thought they'd have PowerPoints or videos... Right.)

But we learned two new things -- and if we learn even one new thing each week, I guess it's worth attending.

They never gave us even one break in a two-hour session. As an events person, I can tell you that's BAD management. And the room we were in is TINY. Just chairs, no table for taking notes (or using a laptop). Marilyn found it very claustrophobic. How could we NOT? They have a tiny lobby, and that's where 'class' met. There was a wobbly wipe off board that they wrote on and erased. There was only one other guy in the class (Bill). Poor Bill couldn't seem to follow a thing that was being said. He'd been diagnosed in December/January and on meds since then -- but didn't get a monitor until recently! (How does THAT work?)

It's hard to imagine three more two-hour sessions (what all will they cover???), but whatever.

Tags: 2009, diabetes, marilyn, september-2009

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