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Sprinkler 'Whine' and What I'm Doing Now (at LJ)...

Well, the jackass sprinkler dude (Steve) called me around 2:30 and was supposedly on his way here to fix the damned thing (which is, by the way, still leaking water to beat the band).

Um, I wonder just how much water has been wasted here seeing as it's now more than 24 hours since this thing started? (sigh) Imagine the next water bill! Good gods. (I'm still in major "Troy"-mode here...)

So besides reading Evamaria's shirasade paper (when I can find time), I've been trying to finish up several communities I started and never did (shit) a thing with. (grin)

I wanted to use Newbie Surveys (like we do at our Yahoo! groups lists) and also have some easy way for members to find things in the memories...

I think these worked out okay, but if anybody has a spare minute to go and check for me, I'd appreciate it! The communities are:

(Your comments and suggestions are welcome! And thanks.)

I have several other communities that also need work, but so far I've only tackled those three...

You know, if you could only combine the best features of both LiveJournal communities and Yahoo! groups lists, I'd be perfectly happy! ROFL. (Okay, so I've said this before. Sue me.)

At least at Yahoo! groups you can set up files that are auto-emailed to members. Here at LJ you can put entries into your memories, but getting members to actually read them is another thing entirely! LOL.

And I do provide links to the memories, both in place of a website and in the profile/info section. (What's that cliche about leading the horse to water...? Joking, joking!)

Now I need to post a bunch of my own fic and get Marilyn mistressmarilyn to do the same. (At the communities, I mean! LOL.)

Okay, there's not a soul at these so far, but later on there will be! And I'll put the fic in the memories and then gently remind members they can find them there...

Hopefully this won't be an outrageous quantity of work! LOL. The setting up part is the worst, I think. (Or hope!)

Where the hell is that guy? I'm typing to keep my mind off how annoyed I am! It's water wasted and potential for water damage we're talking here! Good gods.

Back soon!

(Yes, prepared to be both spammed and bored. I can't do much else here due to the heat...)


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