CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Yesterday -- and Today!

Yesterday I spent time working on the website and got quite a bit done. There's more to do (of course), but hopefully I'll get it done in the next couple of days. I don't think I'll get anything done today, though, as we're talking about driving to the beach (!!!) and playing tennis. Fun, fun!

We also went by the office, so I could do some IT stuff to my computer (and we could leave the stand for Jeff's 'Tiger' figurine). Marilyn mistressmarilyn was in her office (working?), while I was down at my cube. There's something going on with my work computer (great), but I checked the Remote Desktop settings and they were all correct. (I checked the ones on the Server, too, and they were also fine.) So I can't begin to figure out what's up. I'd love to talk to Ron about it -- but there's no point in discussing it with Kent, as he's never been a help with Remote Desktop...

Well, I think we're off! More later.


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