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Frustrating AND Good Day. (Yeah, Both!)

I've had some very good things going on, like Jeff's birthday celebration (at around 1:30 p.m.), getting my hair cut (at Dorine's around 12:30-ish) and going to visit Sue B. (at her house) to take her the 'Hip' basket the Staff made her (yes, she's home from the hospital and her hip surgery).

The basket was INSPIRED -- full of items that were hip-related. Like a hip-hop music CD, a plush stuffed hippo, chocolate hips (hip-shaped chocolates, no lie), a 'Shadow Dancers Vol 3. Platinum Honeys of Hip Hop' DVD, a couple of hip flasks (one filled with booze), rose-hip flavored items (including syrup) and on and on. Imagine a HUGE basket filled with stuff that could barely be carried and you'll have the idea. Better yet, here's a photo!

Sue and basket

Here's Sue with the walker!

Sue with walker

And here's Jeff. He's such a good sport that he put on the headband and wristbands that were in his gift bag -- and is holding up one of the cans of balls we gave him. (I also gave him a tennis ball key chain and he immediately put keys on it!)

Jeff, birthday boy

Marilyn mistressmarilyn sprang for a sheet cake, musical bday card and a figurine of Tiger Woods to decorate the cake. She and I put together the gift bag (Marilyn also bought the special bag we used) full of tennis-related items. And I made Jeff a cheese cake this morning. (As always, Marilyn is generous to a fault, not using festival funds for a single item. It impresses me beyond belief, it really does.)

Frustrations? I dropped my camera on the CONCRETE outside our office coming back from Sue's. Hard. Bad. I still don't know how well it will work now. It breaks my heart, as I've always been SO CAREFUL with it. And I seriously use it all the time -- several times every week. I love that camera -- and it's a work horse for the festival!

I started off my day really sleepy, as I just couldn't seem to sleep last night. It's been ages since that happened to me, but it was annoying. Well, at least my numbers today are good: 129, 130, 108, 100 and 135 (so far). I feel I'm really pretty balanced right now, as long as I eat CONSTANTLY. (smile)

I had a heck of a time writing on Jeff's cake. It just didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it to. Here's what it looked like:

Jeff's birthday cake

Marilyn said that when I told her that she was picturing scrawled writing that was spaced really bad, so I guess maybe I'm too picky. I didn't think it was that easy to read, but I guess I had a picture in my head and was just disappointed by what I did. We didn't have the bakery do the writing because we didn't know what we were going to use to decorate it -- and how much room that would require! (We went to Toys-R-Us last night to hunt for something, and get hippos for Sue's basket.)

I also felt that the cheese cake I made didn't turn out looking all that nice. And I had a weird mishap with it. I was in the cabinet looking for something to decorate it with (sprinkles, or whatever) -- and accidently dumped an open bottle of pills on me, the cake, the counter and the floor. What a mess! So then the cake was messed up worse and I had to fix it -- as well as pick up pills everywhere. (I couldn't leave them on the floor, because I certainly didn't want the cats getting at them!) Anyway, here's the cheese cake:

Jeff's cheese cake

No one ate any of it, so Jeff got to take it home (along with the leftover cake).

I had issues finishing up the eNewsletter -- and then with being able to send it! We were well over our limit at the service where we send these, so I had to contact Oliver and get him to step in.

Meanwhile Dorine had pushed my appointment back. That was originally annoying, but ended up fine. After taking out time for lunch and dealing with the eNewsletter, I was racing to get there! (I had to borrow $$$ from Marilyn to even get my cut as I didn't have time to go to the bank.)

Then I was racing back to the office to fix my hair after my cut so I could help get ready for Jeff's 1:30 bday celebration! I seemed to be racing around all day long, actually. (sigh)

I got some website stuff done today, too -- but I need to do a ton more. I don't see any way I can avoid working this weekend -- and maybe next week, too. These things have date/time deadlines, so there's simply no way around it.

On top of these petty annoyances (which I realize all this stuff is small and really no big thing), I feel under the weather. I've been sneezing and am stuffed up and just a little punk. I think I might be getting a cold. That would suck as we head toward vacation!

I imagine it seems like we get a ton of vacation, but you do have to consider the days and hours we keep the rest of the year. We've been so worn out this summer. Anyway, now we're finally playing some tennis and feeling like doing some things, which is nice.

Over all, this wasn't a bad day -- and it had some really GOOD moments. I'm not dwelling on the frustrations, but I certainly had a lot of them. Or so it seemed! (And the thing with the camera really isn't a small frustration. I hope it's okay, even if it is scuffed up, poor baby.)

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