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R.I.P. Ted (Teddy) Kennedy

His death is not a shock, as he out-lived when it had been predicted he'd die from brain cancer.

But regardless, I'm in denial that he's gone. Much in the same way I'm still in denial that his brothers Jack and Bobby are gone -- yes, all these years later. Some people are larger than life. It's almost unthinkable that they can die...

Ted Kennedy
Edward Moore Kennedy
Ted (Teddy) Kennedy
February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009

The younger brother of John (Jack) F. and Robert (Bobby) F. Kennedy, Ted served as United States Senator from Massachusetts (and was a member of the Democratic Party). He was in office from November 1962 until his death, serving NINE terms in the Senate.

Without a doubt he was one of the most influential leaders in our history, able to cross party lines to accomplish his goals.

The Kennedy family had a huge influence on both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me from a young age. (Yes, I do remember where I was the day JFK was assassinated -- and where I was when RFK was shot, as well. We cried for three days straight for our beloved Bobby...)

My sister Sue knew Ted well and got to meet with him many times. She said she'll never forget being in his home with his current wife Victoria while in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration of President Clinton. Sue and I talked at length about Ted, knowing what a terrible loss this is for our nation...

Ted was known (deservedly so) as 'The Lion of the Senate' -- this due to his long service and his AMAZING influence (more than 300 bills he and his staff wrote were enacted into law). He played a MAJOR role in passing important laws which included a variety of topics: civil rights, immigration, cancer research, health insurance, AIDS care, education, apartheid, disability discrimination, mental health benefits, children's health insurance and volunteering one of my favorites). Most recently he's been greatly involved with health care reform (something everyone knows I have strong feelings about).

I mourn for his family. I mourn for the loss to our country (and to our world). And I mourn for my own loss. Teddy was like a part of my own family in so many ways...
Kennedy Boys

They're going to put him by Jack and Bobby, and I was trying last night to picture where exactly that would be. Seeing their graves was a very emotional part of my own visit to D.C. years back. Ted is out of pain and reunited with his brothers, and that's how I want to picture him -- and them -- today. All handsome young men, all together.
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