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Busy Work Day.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were at the office by 7:30 a.m. (she had a meeting).

We did take a short break to walk to Starbucks with Jeff in the morning -- not long before our meeting (the three of us) over at the new building with a crowd of people. RJ the Electrical Engineer was there, so I was along for any IT-related questions.

It was exciting to see the building now that it's starting to be gutted and we can get a better idea of what it will be like later on.

The IT Room will be upstairs (the staircase is about twice the size of the one in our current office) -- and though around half the size of the one in our current building, it's entirely adequate, I believe.

This is smaller space, but I think we're going to love it once we get used to it.

And the view?

We're right on the Willamette River, so it's going to be fabulous! And we'll be back in downtown Portland, which will have many advantages, too. (I always used to love working downtown and was disappointed when we moved out of the city.)

I had a TON to do today, so I took barely a moment for a quick lunch (ten minutes or less to heat and eat my stew) in Marilyn's office. She had meetings all day long, including a long lunch meeting.

I got a lot more done on the eNewsletter, which I should be able to wrap up tomorrow (and either send tomorrow or Friday, at the latest).

Then I have a TON of website things that need to get done. I did do some small amount today, but there's a pile to work on. I might have to spend time on it this weekend, even though it's the start of our two-week vacation. Oh well!

After work we went with sister Sue to the Super Wal-Mart to shop -- and it's a good thing we did! She ended up getting two shopping carts full of stuff, so she really needed Marilyn to push one of her carts (and both of us to help her pack it into the car). I pushed our cart, and we managed to buy a bunch of stuff, too -- even though we just went shopping recently!

I did my garbage and recycling (well, most of it) yesterday, thankfully -- so I have only a little bit to finish up tonight! Knowing I'd be at work all day, I thought I'd get a jump on it...

I also finished loading and setting up Peter's laptop -- and spent some time explaining it to him. He'll probably need to learn more later on, but it's all good...

After work we went to the place behind our office for a beer and onion rings (Jeff, Marilyn and me -- Peter couldn't come). We chatted for a bit and then (finally) headed home.

Oh. Marilyn (finally) got her contract today (nine months later). She's very happy with it -- and so am I! I'm happy for her, because she really deserves to have a contract with the festival. I think she got more than she expected and was treated very well. That's a GREAT thing.

I'm tired, so I think I'll go finish up my work and lie down. I did get a new book in the mail today (I got it via Amazon and paid one cent for it -- plus $2.99 postage. It's $18.72 brand new, and this one is in EXCELLENT shape! Cool, huh? I love getting books from Amazon.Com.) I can't wait to start reading it. Paul suggested it ("The Piano Tuner," by Daniel Mason). I'll let you know what I think -- but I did read a couple pages of the book Paul checked out of the library and the writing is like poetry.

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