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FABULOUS Day at the Beach!!!

As I've mentioned (more than once), Mitch, sister Sue suzy_qp, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went down to the beach yesterday (Friday) to celebrate Mitch's bday (which was Thursday, August 20).

We had a WONDERFUL time!

We were in Seaside, Oregon in time to play the 4:00 p.m. Coverall session of Fascination.

Afterwards we went to the Pig 'N Pancake (in Seaside) to eat. We mentioned Mitch's birthday to our waitress Nicole, but didn't know they did anything for bdays -- so we were very surprised when they came to sing to him and bring him balloons and an ice cream sundae! (Marilyn, Sue and I had Nicole as a waitress during a previous visit to the restaurant -- and she's amazing. We were delighted to have her again this time!)

I then bought 'good luck charms' in their gift shop for everyone, which I handed out after we were done eating. Then we drove in to Cannon Beach, Oregon and played tennis.

I really (really, really) enjoyed myself playing! I felt lighter on my feet and full of energy. I can't say how fabulous it was to be on a court with my tennis racket in my hand. We played until 8:00 p.m. when it was starting to mist a little, then went back in to Seaside and played what remained of the 8:00 session of Coverall.

Our good luck charms (made of glass) were supposed to be out to help us play better. Mitch had a killer whale, and clearly his was working -- he won two games in a row (on table 24). Go Birthday Boy!

I got Marilyn both a crescent moon and a round sun (pearly white) with FACES ON THEM (long story, but she's hated moons with faces since childhood) -- so her charms were safely tucked away in her pocket. Because we were late getting back, Sue had to sit in a different spot from us, so I don't know what she did with her new charm (a blue whale). I did have my dragonfly out, for all the good it did me. (smile)

Sue quit after Coverall while the rest of us played the 12-for-a-dollar games. Then Marilyn went with Sue while Mitch and I played several regular games. I believe Mitch is now as 'hooked' on Fascination as the rest of us are! (heh)

Finally we all quit and headed over to Zinger's, where I mentioned to Mike (the 'Ice Cream Czar') that I'd added a Zinger's link to my blogroll. (The last time Marilyn and I were there I'd mentioned that I'd linked him in my blog, so he asked where -- and found it based on LiveJournal.Com plus my username! Without an actual URL. Impressive, Mike!) We all four had licorice, plus Mitch and I also had (my beloved) malted mild ball. (And Sue also had a scoop of black cherry.) I simply can't say how GOOD that ice cream is!

While sitting there, Mitch opened his birthday cards and presents (Marilyn and I gave him a bday glass, umbrella and small briefcase). Then we had to leave, as it was 10:00 p.m. and closing time.

Time to hit the road for home!

Both the drives down and home were filled with conversation and laughter. (We did hit some rain on the return ride.) The weather was a mix of sunny, cloudy and actually overcast -- which was quite nice, really. (A total mixed bag.)

It was really a perfect day. (Even if I did break two nails during tennis. I totally need a manicure! Maybe today...)

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