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Tidying My LJ! Miscellaneous Update...

Yes, it was that time again...

So I got in and removed a bunch of people I'd friended who'd never friended me back. (Not sure why I end up doing that, but I often do. LOL. Which is fine, but after a time I always just remove them...)

To me I think it's a matter of taking a chance on making a new friend. I figure if I'm added back then something 'clicked'--and if I'm not, then it's an easy thing to remedy...

Spent quite some time last night (around midnight) reading part of my friend Evamaria's shirasade paper, which is actually fascinating reading! It's now 7:30 a.m. here and I hope to finish reading it.

We can't sleep here. Barely a few hours, tops. It's just too damned hot. I never heard what we ended up at yesterday, but they'd been predicting 98'.

Generally our house will stay pretty cool downstairs for sleeping. We can open a window and run a fan at night and sleep just fine. But after a point of many really hot days run together, that's over. And it just doesn't cool down enough at night when it's that hot.

Right now Marilyn's mistressmarilyn at work for an early morning meeting. She has four today, going into late evening, I'm afraid.

I, on the other hand, am sitting waiting for our yard man, Hector, to arrive. He tried adjusting our sprinklers yesterday and something went amiss, apparently. We didn't realize until past 10:00 p.m. that they weren't working properly and then we were in a panic! The water ran all night and we got worried about it getting into the house and causing water damage.

The panel had a blinking symbol that indicated watering taking place. But the heads weren't popping up. Hector uses the outside panels to adjust things, which I don't get at all, so...

Marilyn was adamant that I have him show me how to turn off the water there, though! We don't want to spend another night like last night, worrying about whether or not we'll have major damage to the house.

I had horrible nightmares again last night which always happens to me when I'm that hot and trying to sleep. I'd finally drift off only to have a nightmare and awaken. Whew. A pain!

Marilyn didn't leave work until close to 5:00 yesterday, so basically she worked a full day again. She's just back to work as of Monday and supposed to be working half days. I'd settle for her leaving work by 3:00 p.m., personally. But it's rough after being away for so long.

She came home after that horrible drive in the heat just sick. Traffic was even worse than usual and she was sitting stopped dead much of the ride. The car sits out in the parking lot and can't be cooled after all that heat all day long, even with the air turned all the way up.

She changed clothes and sat down to eat (cold cuts--we don't dare cook right now) and her hands were trembling so hard she could barely lift the food to her mouth. It really had me scared, I'll tell you.

I wish she could leave by 3:30 at the latest, but today I know she'll be there past 7:00. She left home at 6:30 a.m., so that's one damned long day. She's normally used to that schedule, but she just got back from her surgery leave!

A leave which included one hell of a lot of work, by the way... LOL.

On another note, our sister Sue is going to be declaring bankruptcy and probably losing her home. I don't know where she's going to live or what she's going to live on. She's about two years away from being old enough to get Social Security. She tried for medical SS, but was denied. Ridiculous! She's in terrible health.

She's working right now very part time, but I don't know if she's even physically up to that. Her health is so serious now that her doctor wants her to do the bypass surgery for weight.

We tried to get her to do it a few years back, but he opposed it then. Admittedly, the technique has improved drastically just in recent months. But then that surgery would have been covered by Sue's medical plan. Now it's not. Period. It can run from $20,000 to $35,000 to have it done, apparently, so it's now out of the question. Hell, she might not have a place to live in September, much less money for surgery!

I doubt she could stand to live here with us. And though we love her, I don't think we'd be able to live with her. Our interests are just too different, for the most part.

I could give up my bedroom, of course, and move into Marilyn's. But Sue has a lot of belongings to try and live in one room.

The best option is to get her into an apartment. She's currently in a mobile home (trailer) that's a double-wide and very nice--much like a normal house. (Upscale for a trailer, believe me.) She's in a riverside lot that's quite expensive to rent.

She told us on retirement that she 'couldn't afford' to buy a house--so she opted for this. But her 'house' payment and space rent combined probably account for our house payment plus utilities!

There's no equity in mobile homes. There's no 'renters breaks' (tax-wise) for the space rent. (That's money straight down a rat hole.) I know she loves that place, but I don't see how she can ever afford to keep it.

Her 30-something daughter who lives with her (along with her six-year-old daugher--Sue's granddaughter) is now supposedly looking for work. Finally. Sue tried to get her to do that back in January, but it's been no go...

Sue's been helping to support both of her 30-something kids for several years now. Candy (her daughter) left her husband and brought her daughter and cat to live with Sue two (not three, surely?) years back. Larry (her son) was declared bipolar not long after and quit his job. He has a wife who works parttime and two kids. (A teenager and seven-year-old.)

Neither of Sue's kids have ever lived as if they were 'poor' for one instant in time, even though they've been unemployed. You'd die (well, Marilyn and I do) to see how many toys the two little girls own!

I know, I know. I need to shut up about it and suck it up now...

Marilyn and I will try to be more careful with our own money so we can help out as much as possible. But that won't account for over $1,000 monthly to keep her in that home. We just don't have it, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Sue retired quite well off, too. It's a disaster.

Well, I'd better go see if Hector's here yet or not! The joys of home-ownership! LOL. (I wouldn't give it up for the world. Seriously!)


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