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Work and a Memorial Service

I came to work with Marilyn mistressmarilyn today. I hadn't been in the festival office since Thursday of last week... (Which isn't to say that I haven't done festival work, as I do tend to do most of my work from home.)

It's always nice to see everyone (we have a GREAT Staff here). And there's always plenty to do!

Paul made a strawberry shortcake (in a long pyrex cake pan) for everyone to share -- delicious! And he and I talked books (I finished the second one he loaned me). He's a great cube-neighbor.

Jeff is out this week, and I always miss him when he's not here...

Peter brought me test strips, but they don't fit my monitor! So I found one cheap at Amazon.Com and ordered it. It's cheaper to do that then to miss out on the free strips, which cost a fortune to buy. Nice of Peter!

And I helped Peter order his new laptop (the same one I bought for both Jeff and me), using my Buy.Com account. I'll set his up the same way I did Jeff's (it should be here early next week). Peter got his cheaper (!!!) than we did, as that same model is currently down to $299, believe it or not! What a steal! Even with rush shipping it was under $340.00. (wow)

This afternoon Marcia picked up Marilyn and me to attend the memorial service of a departed friend. In my case, I didn't know her very well, but have known her husband FOREVER through the festival.

It was held at the First Presbyterian Church of Portland, with Rev. Robin R. Garvin presiding (she was AMAZING -- I had to go up to her afterwards and tell her). But she's NOT their actual pastor, I'm sorry to say. I was disappointed to read that, as I could imagine actually attending a church where she gave the weekly sermons...

We did get to see Dick briefly and offer sympathies for his loss of Jane (who is now out of pain and in a better place) -- and ran into Dave and Jan (Mayor Harry and his wife), who knew her. (It's a small world.) The church was PACKED with people (and it's a big church).

Then it was back to the office and back to work. There's a lot to do before we're off tomorrow.

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