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'BBQ in the Country' is Over for Another Year...

We just got back from Mary and Mike's 'BBQ in the Country' event (they live way out in Forest Grove, Oregon).

Kristen, Rich, Angel, David and wife Jan were all there, along with Mary and Mike and Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me -- making for a nice, intimate gathering.

Mike is quite the cook, so we had his homemade salsa (secret recipe) -- and he even sent a jar home with Marilyn (!!!) this year. He made fabulous burgers (including a Mediterranean version) and there were many chips and veggies and tons of fruit -- great food (including Rich's fruit salad). The desert was a decadent five layer chocolate cake! And Mary gave us each a lovely peach to bring home.

Marilyn and I took along Chill Lime beer, two bags of chips and soda (and ended up bringing most of that home with us again after). Well, we still hate to go anywhere empty-handed...

Good company and stimulating conversation made for a lovely time. Their deck is amazing, so it's a nice place to gather, even if it was a bit chilly today.

We're really blessed to know these wonderful people. I consider them part of our extended family. Very special and dear friends.

We did run out and tan today, by the way. And we ran down and got more u-pick green tomatoes and zucchini (we were out of zucchini, which I've also been eating raw -- and close to out of tomatoes, many of which have gone ripe on us). So we're in good shape for more feasts of our faves!

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