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2009 Summer/Fall Cleaning Project - Day One, My Bedroom

2009 Summer/Fall Cleaning Project

Day One
My Bedroom

The overall project goal is actually two-fold. First, to organize and second, to clean really well.

Frankly, we have way too much STUFF.

We need to pare it down. Give things away to family and friends, pack off boxes to the Goodwill and simply THROW AWAY a lot of stuff.

It's next to impossible to really clean if you can't put things away -- or make the things that are outside closets and drawers easy to move around. Right now that's our main issue, as far as I'm concerned.

I started in my disaster of a bedroom today. I've already cleaned it to some degree not that long ago, but it was barely the tip of the iceberg. Today I tackled drawers, and I now have THREE that are empty and ready to have clothes put into them! The other drawers are neat and tidy -- and it would be easy to find anything inside them. I have two dressers. One has six drawers and the other has five, so you can see I genuinely have been a busy bee today! (Or considering this is Oregon, maybe that should be busy beaver... heh...)

I've started a bag (two, actually) of clothes for cousin Linda, and have a bag of bras for sister Sue suzy_qp. I have a large bag of stuff to toss and have been adding to the boxes already started to go to the Goodwill. I'm on my way to a less-cluttered life! (heh)

I gave bras to Sue in the past, which she really liked. She mentioned them to me recently, as a matter of fact, so how perfect is this? (I suppose you can't give your used underwear to many people, but it works for a sister... and they're in almost new condition, by the way...)

Linda just asked about clothes and things, so we'll see what we can do between the two of us. She's recently moved into a new place after being in a shelter, so I imagine she needs pretty much everything. Hopefully we can help her out.

Well, back to work!
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