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New iPod, Writing Group -- Busy, Busy Day!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got our new iPods (that I mentioned HERE) today.

It was funny, actually. They were supposed to be delivered today, so I had my usual signs on the front door ("I'm home -- please ring bell and knock loudly"), because so often they don't even TRY the house for the delivery (for whatever reason). By evening, there had been no delivery, and people were arriving to meet for our monthly Writing Group gathering.

Sister Sue suzy_qp and Jodi arrived first (at the same time, actually). When Angel came, I went to the door and said, "If you're not delivering iPods, you can't come in," as a joke. (grin)

There was another knock on the door and I figured it was Dick, so I went to the door and threw it open, starting to say the same thing to him -- but it was the delivery man, bringing our iPods! This was past 6:00 p.m. at night, by the way, so I'd pretty much given up on them coming today...

There was no time to play with them until after the meeting, obviously. But they're fabulous. I love my orange one (I'll have to make a new icon), and Marilyn got the silver. So more about them soon! (smile)

Marilyn and I spent the morning getting the house cleaned and the yard finished for visitors (which included putting my rock garden back in the corner, fixing our broken flower box and replanting part of it, clipping the ivy in the corner bed, sweeping and putting out the table cloth for the picnic table, washing off all the tables and more...). I had (yet another) low blood sugar incident, brought on by housework, of all things! Annoying as hell. I'm only taking the Metformin (generic Glucophage) as of today, so we'll see what happens with that, by the way -- hopefully I'll quit having so many low blood sugar situations.

Marilyn ran out to get ice and chips after finishing up her story. We were both writing today and managed to get pieces done in time for the meeting, happily.

We had another good meeting with more pizza and loads of laughter. We did an exercise that went really well -- these have become one of the best parts of our meetings. We did sit outside on the deck part of the time, as well as eating and visiting in the living room (as usual).

Anyway, we were busy every minute of the day, so it was pretty exhausting. We've got work tomorrow, so we'll probably try and head to bed soon. But first we're going to have rootbeer floats! (yummy)

Life is good!

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