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Gacked from Evamaria shirasade. It was fun. Go. Try it! LOL.


See my info... Here.

Best matches for Charlie

Match with Perry
[My God! My top match is actor Perry King. How I used to adore him. In "The Captains and The Kings" as Rory, for example...]

Well, I wasn't too thrilled by the other matches. (smile) No, I don't 'hate' Robin Williams. I never hated him. I had a dream -- nightmare!!! -- once with him as Popeye that kept me terrified to ever see the guy for several years. (yikes) And I find him highly annoying as a rule. But I loved him in "Dead Poets Society."

Still, I want to match him like I want (another) hole in my head...

So I did check a couple other guys! (What a surprise!)

Match with Kevin
I'm no match with Kevin. Except for that 100% physical. Isn't that good enough? Okay then!

Match with Nick Carter
Nick's the really amusing one! (grin) I score high with him when it comes to physical and emotional... But intellect? No. Frankly, I'm glad to hear this! I think Nick's not-all-that-bright -- and I rather pride myself on being above average for brains. (smile)

Match with Ryan
I wanted to see how I'd match with Simon Cowell. But he's not there! (Why not?) So I gave Ryan Seacrest a try, and I match rather well with him. Check the 100% physical! (grin)

Okay, that's it for my matches. I quit after checking those above...

So go on -- give it a try. What can it hurt? It's no worse than any of those other online surveys...

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