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Party Fun and Drive to the Beach.

Before going to our party last night, Marilyn mistressmarilyn, sister Sue suzy_qp and I took a short drive up the Gorge to the Starbucks in Hood River. Sue told us all about her week of cribbage, where she won quite a bit and really increased her points toward becoming a Master.

It was windy up the Gorge, so the windsurfers were out in droves. The water was choppy and the trees were even swaying. We sat outside to drink our Starbucks (I had the Strawberry Banana Vivanno™ Smoothie, sans banana), and our hair was whipped around by the wind.

Marilyn and I gave Sue my pink iPod Nano 3G while we were there. Sue's never had an iPod of her own, so I think she was pleased.

Missy the pink iPod nano

Unfortunately, I hadn't tested it before packing it all up in the box, and the battery was dead. So I charged it last night and it's all set to go. No problem, as we're seeing Sue again today. We told her she could decide whether we load it for her or Candy and Nicole do. If we do it, she can keep the music that's already on there. Otherwise she'll lose it when they plug it in at home, but whatever. She probably likes Nicole's music better than our music, so...

As much as I loved sweet, pink 'Missy' the iPod, I didn't end up using her that much. I've tended to use the older one (as I've mentioned before).

Anyway, Marilyn and I had a chance to each get one of the the newer iPod Nano Chromatics on a really good SALE (woo hoo), so we decided to go for it. The 16gigs is the cool factor, allowing us to load more music. Marilyn hates to always take her green iPod (the same as the pink one above, only green) out of the car to use it. We think of it as our 'car music,' anyway. And the iTouch is cool, but not practical. (It's heavy to carry, plus considering what it costs, you don't want to risk dropping it or losing it.) So this will be great for her. And as much as I love my older iPod, it's FULL and I can't load any more music without taking music off -- which is a big pain.

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