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Green Tomatoes? YES!!! (And An 'Incident'...)

So Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went down to Sauvie Island to Kruger's Farm Market to check and see if they had u-pick green tomatoes yet.

The first girl I asked said 'no,' but fortunately the girl on the register next to her said 'yes' -- so Marilyn and I got our 'picking bags' out of the car and went to pick our first green tomatoes of the season!

We've NEVER in our life u-picked this early! It's amazing to have them ready on August 5!

We also got some zucchini and lemon cukes -- and one of the Kruger's Farm Market bags, too! (Green and big, we don't want it for a picking bag, but to carry the veggies we get that aren't tomatoes.)

Before going there we stopped at Starbuck's -- which is where I posted my short Wednesday (August 5) entry! Very cool. Marilyn had her (beloved) iced Tazo® Green Tea Latte, and I had the Strawberry Vivanno™ Smoothie (minus the banana). I hadn't had one recently, so I was really looking forward to it. The same was true for Marilyn and her Green Tea Latte...

We were up late (as is often true for us during vaca), so we slept in late. No big deal. Marilyn had grapefruit and peanut butter, and I had a bar, grapefruit and yogurt -- and it was STILL borderline as to whether or not it was enough carbs, believe it or not.

I'd felt a little shaky in the car, but the Starbuck's beverage made me feel better almost immediately.

We stopped on the way home from getting our tomatoes at Rite-Aid so I could (finally) pick up my meds. Marilyn waited in the car, as she was having discomfort. We got home and she had to race to the bathroom. For whatever reason, she often has issues with the Green Tea Latte...

I went to talk to her as she was jumping in a bath, and then I went out into the family room. While upstairs I'd turned on the air conditioning, as I'd felt suddenly really hot. Now I had to recline in the chair downstairs. I was in a total sweat and feeling awful. When Marilyn got out of the bath she suggested I test my blood. She went and got the things I needed from upstairs. I forced myself to get up and wash my hands, then I did the test. My result was 77, which is very low for me. I was having a total low blood sugar incident. I had to eat candy (Junior Mints) and some crackers to get myself balanced. Neither one of us was feeling good at that point.

Anyway, it didn't take long for both of us to feel better. Marilyn cooked some tomatoes and zucchini and I made a pot of white rice. It was a delicious dinner!

We considered going to see "Terminator Salvation," which is playing at the Mt. Hood Theatre (in Gresham, Oregon). We love seeing movies at the Mt. Hood, which is an old place, but fun -- and very cheap, too. And because we're really hung up on "Public Enemies," we considered seeing it again, too. But we decided just to stay home and play games, instead. (grin)

Weather-wise, the day started out a bit overcast and cooler -- but by afternoon was another fabulous summer day. The bad news is that it may be nasty weather next Monday, and we were hoping to be able to sit out on the deck when our Writing Group was meeting here at the house... Who knows? Maybe it will change for the better.

I need to get photos of the yard, as our flowers are lovely this year.

Well, it's around 1:00 a.m. and I need to go do the garbage and recycling! Happily, I've actually been doing some of my mounds of laundry recently. And I watered my houseplants, too!

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