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Monday Beach Trip, 'The Sky is Falling' and More...

Yesterday Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were in the living room. She was on the loveseat and I was on the sofa -- we were both watching TV (an interesting history show about Jesus) and dozing (mostly dozing). The cats were sitting by the back door, which was open for them (with the security/screendoor locked).

Suddenly there's a crash and the cats make a MAD SCRAMBLE away from the door! Henry hides under the coffee table and Colin moves into the kitchen. We both bolt up and try to figure out what's happened.

I can see broken tree limbs on the porch and steps. Then I see a squirrel moving to the pink dogwood tree and climbing it. Marilyn says, 'There's a dead squirrel.'

We both look at the rail of our deck right near the tree. The squirrel is low lying there, flat and apparently dead. We quickly reason that he tried to make the jump from the dogwood to the roof (squirrels do this all the time), and the branch broke under his weight. He must have slammed down on the concrete porch, terrifying the cats (who probably thought he was attaching them).

Thankfully, the squirrel got up again and tried to climb the tree. He had to stop and rest on one of the chairs (on the top of the cushion, which I joked he was checking out to steal stuffing from). Within minutes he climbed up the tree and jumped from our tree into one of the neighbor's trees.

The cats calm down and head back to the door. We both settle down and start to snooze again.

Then we have another freak-out when a branch falls, and cats go flying yet again. This time I shut the back door.

You'd think it was over, but after we've all calmed down again and Marilyn and I are both almost asleep, there's a crash across the room and some things fall over. Obviously one or both cats had bumped these and they suddenly toppled. Marilyn almost jumped out of her skin she was so startled! After that we went downstairs to nap...

Later in the day we decided to drive down to Seaside (yes, again). We thought maybe we'd play both the 8:00 and 10:00 sessions of Cover-all (Fascination), and have ice cream at Zinger's. Last time we were there we skipped ice cream, thinking I needed to avoid it, which has turned out NOT to be true at all. So we were both looking forward to having it!

We invited sister Sue suzy_qp, but she couldn't go. She was just home from her cribbage tournament and worn out.

Anyway, we had a BLAST. We didn't win much, but we had fun playing. Marilyn had downloaded the "Public Enemies" soundtrack, so we listened to it all the way down and back. Good music.

We both love driving at night, so the ride home was great fun. We were driving home past midnight, watching the road in case we might see a deer.

They didn't have my current 'hang up' flavor at Zinger's, I'm sorry to report. I get their enewsletter, so I knew that Malted Milk Ball (I love it) will be going off the menu after this month. Thankfully Licorice (always a fave for both of us) is a 'standard' flavor, meaning it never goes off. There's nothing like Zinger's wonderful homemade ice cream, I have to tell you!

Today we ran a couple of errands -- and Marilyn spent hours doing the bills. Other than that, we slept in and have been playing games and watching TV.

I did order Jeff's new laptop, though, which took some time. But that's about it.

I'm now headed for a nap. Wow, vacation is exhausting. (heh)

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