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Where Has Charlie Been? LOL.

Well, with Marilyn (mistressmarilyn) home for her surgery leave, the two of us have been 'playing' at Yahoo! groups quite a bit...

And we've also been writing fic...

And we've also (finally) been working on our website. (Mostly adding fic there.)

Working on fics/the website/groups requires me to also spend time on creating new banners! We both adore creating new banners for our fics. It might sound silly, but we think the visual aspect adds a lot of enjoyment to the pleasure of reading fic. Anyway, it certainly does for us!

The thing is, we're really mostly about having the fic up in one place where we can easily access it.

I know that sounds crazy to many people. Kevin (kevinr), for example, doesn't understand why we don't want to try to make the site search better from various search engines--so people 'out there' can find it. ROFL. (Look, I'm not giving Kevin a hard time here. Honestly! It's just not something Marilyn and I really care about... And Kevin's all over it. He's just really good at those sort of website aspects. LOL.)

If not one single other person goes there, I somehow don't think we'd care that much. We're really into the fact that we can go there! No matter where we might happen to be, as long as we have an internet connection we can just go and read--and enjoy--the fic.

Before this it just sat here in file cabinets (and/or drawers and/or boxes), basically gathering dust...

Call it conceit or whatever, but we both like reading our own writing and reading what's been written by the other.

We're also excited to add up all the work we've done over the years. Much of it was done in longhand, if you can imagine! It's never even been typed out--and certainly not typed on the computer in word processing!

We even want to take the 'book' Marilyn made as a child and scan it. It was done on an old-fashioned lined kid tablet. That crappy paper that's sort of beige?

She wrote the 'text' and illustrated the whole thing in pencil--and Mom kept it! But it's really starting to fall apart and needs saving...

Imagine being able to scan and upload something like that! (smile)

(Thank you, Mom. I hope you're looking down and feeling pleased with yourself... Probably you don't mind that most of our website work is slash. You were pretty liberal most of the time. LOL. Dad? Well, that's another story! LMAO.)

Well, it's going to be near 100 degrees today, so if I'm going to get anything at all done today, it has to be tackled first thing this morning!

I'll try and write more later...

I should at least share the links to all the fic we've been writing! I can barely keep our News section updated, actually!

We've been writing "Troy" and LOTR fics like crazy... (Two more--one each--yesterday, as a matter of fact!)

Okay, we finally saw "King Arthur" yesterday, by the way. I can't get into the whole critical review here, because as someone who has been 'into' Arthurian mythology my entire life, it takes me forever to analyze this stuff (and drives Marilyn--for one--nuts)... LOL.

But the question is, would I ever bother to write a fic based on this movie?

I liked Arthur. I liked the slash potential. Hell, I liked Guinevere--the way she actually looked, too. (Not the 'buxom' version they used for posters and adverts! Good God! What's that about?)

But the movie? I'm actually anxious to see the DVD version, which will include the scenes gutted from the released version...

Oh. Just to make myself clear! 'True' story? Right. Not even close. I'd have liked the movie more if they hadn't gone there!

But as Marilyn is quick to point out, whether you call these people Arthur and Lancelot or Bill and Joe, the story is difficult to follow! LOL.

That's it for now! I've got to go get things done before it's far too hot!

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