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Busy Day? Nope! (grin)

It was another hot day, but not a busy one...

Unless you think playing computer games and watching TV is busy, that is! (grin)

My count this morning was 110, the lowest so far. The other two counts of the day were 122 and 134, so I'm really doing well with that. I've had the following counts for first thing in the morning: 127, 121, 116 and 110. As you can see, it's gone down every single day so far! (woo hoo)

I need to check my weight, though, because I can't believe it hasn't gone up. I personally find I have to eat a lot more to follow the diet they have me on -- and especially a lot more carbs! That probably sounds weird, but you really have to 'feed' the one drug to keep from ending up with low blood sugar. The better I do with that, the sooner I can potentially get OFF it, so I'm being as good as I can.

And not being a wimp, I'm fine with sticking my fingers constantly. I still seem to end up sticking myself at least twice extra a day (where I don't get the right blood to use). Today my fingers were a bloody mess at one point. But I'm sure I'll get better with it as I go along. I'm actually anxious to see my doctor next week and show him my results. Hopefully he'll be impressed by them... And I need to get in to see the eye doctor. Oddly enough, my vision issues weren't that bad before I went on meds. But now I'm having some issues being able to see. I really can't read a book right now, which is maddening. Thankfully I'm good with the computer, though!

I got a call for a recommendation for cousin Linda today to rent a room. She hadn't told me that someone would be phoning, so it was a surprise. She'd told the woman we'd been 'friends since high school' -- but I didn't know that. She asked how long I'd known Linda and I said, 'all my life, she's my cousin.' (But as Marilyn mistressmarilyn, I was under no obligation to lie for Linda, which I wouldn't have done if even she'd asked me to... It's annoying that she clearly lied to this woman, though.)

We're still eating leftovers from the Staff Picnic that Sue sent home with us. Plus I made burgers today, too. There's food everywhere, I swear! But protein, fruit and veggies ISN'T enough -- I have to carb up with every single meal. It's been interesting, to say the least.

I still need to pick up the meds from Mary (my dentist) -- I got one of those automatic phone calls about it today. And we need to go grocery shopping, but we just haven't felt like it. We never left the house all day long today, which was great by me!

And sleep? It's a very, very good thing. We both had naps today, along with sleeping in.

Just a lovely, lazy summer day -- the first day of another week of vacation! Go, us!

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