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Staff Picnic Tomorrow.

The Summer Board Meeting went really well -- both Robert (our President) and Jeff did great jobs. I thought Marilyn's mistressmarilyn PowerPoint turned out great.

I did my part, mingling with all the attendees (as always).

I'd been cynical and sure we'd have a small turnout because of the heat, but that wasn't the case. Actually, a lot of people showed up.

Both the meeting and the barbeque went well. I had a hot dog, some potato and jello salad (just a bit of both). But I skipped desert. Oh! And I had several sips of light beer.

Earlier today I talked to both sister Sue suzy_qp and Ron via phone. Sue won the consolation round of her cribbage tournament (40 master points, plus $180), so she was excited. I hadn't connected with Ron for ages, so it was a delight to talk to him. He'd been suffering so much from the heat that he finally took his family to a motel for relief. I invited him again to the Staff Picnic tomorrow, but I don't know if he'll make it or not...

At the meeting we heard several people speak about they were suffering in the heat. And quite a few had gone to motels or hotels to get cool!

I need to head to bed soon. Thankfully we can sleep in (the Staff Picnic starts at 11:00), but I do need to get up and test (which I only did once today). Interestingly enough, I got a special delivery package today (!!!) of more test strips (a package of 50). Considering I'd talked to the woman just yesterday, I was pretty impressed by that.

The weather is cooler than our 100+ temperature days, but not by much! When someone says it will 'only be 98°,' I have to say 'what do you mean, ONLY 98°?' -- but maybe that's just me! (grin) Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 90's again... (And we had some clouds today, so it was both hot and muggy. Ugh.)


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